Church of Christ
Mission USA
Dear brethren,                                                                            [printed Aug. 2007 for July]
      Greetings from Shenandoah, VA. When we start the new mission work, we will indicate our location at the time and tell of the work accomplished. For now we continue to do evangelistic work in Shenandoah and, as we have the opportunity, across the mountain in Green Co. where the church does not exist.  
      Target date for beginning the Mission USA work is May 2008. There is much to do here at Shenandoah in the meanwhile and much for us to do personally in order to "go" evangelizing into those 702 USA counties which are without the true church. Every means available should be used to reach the lost: TV, the printed page, radio, the internet, etc., but one can never replace personal contact.

      We will follow God’s perfect plan in evangelization: preaching and teaching the gospel to many or few (one on one); learning from our Lord’s instructions in the Limited and the Great Commission; striving to reach as many as we can in those counties without the church and strengthening the converts. We will be mobile and able to go where the elders send us and where contacts have been made through other means, and the people request personal studies. I shared a story with some of you during my spring support trip that I want to tell to all briefly. A member of another congregation told me of a member who had the opportunity to study with a group of people in PA while he was there temporarily. I believe they were Mennonites. When he returned to his home congregation he told them of his studies and that they were wanting someone to come and study more with them, but no one ever went! This sounds exactly what we have ran into over the years in our BCC program – students far from us, but near a congregation that will not go. Finally, the Christian church found out about it and went and converted those people to their doctrine! What a shame!!!

      It will definitely be a big life style change for us. We cannot afford to keep a house or even a storage building in which to keep certain things. We do not want to burden our children with storing things for us and they do not have the room anyway. We are giving them some things and selling them other things quite cheap. I have always been used to doing things for myself and have accumulated tools for the job, but I have been selling those tools. A while back I needed to do something and was looking for a certain tool, but could not find it. Then it dawned on me that I had sold it. I must say it is hard to get rid of some things that I have had for many years. It is also hard to take a big financial loss with certain things. One example is of a commercial quality fan that I had bought a few years ago for $70+. I have been advertising and selling things since 2006, but this fan had not sold. It looks and runs like new, but I let it go the other day for $20. I keep remembering Phil. 3:8. So far we have done well on most items, but what remains are those items that we will most likely have to accept the greater loss in.

      Brethren, we are in need of volunteers to go with us full time or help for a few days or weeks during the summer months. Of course the more that will help the more areas we can cover. We need those who are willing and able to work with the converts that may be too far from the church to attend.

      Our foremost objective is to obey God and thus save souls. No gimmicks, no deception in the approach, just the simple and pure gospel of Christ in love. If you have any suggestions concerning evangelizing those 702 USA counties please let us know. We want to go in person and do the very best we can to evangelize where the church is not. We are most grateful for your fellowship in this much needed work.

In His Service, Perry & Sandy