Church of Christ
Mission USA
[printed in Apr. 2008 for Mar.]
Dear brethren,                                                                           

      I pray that this letter finds you all of good health and faithful in the service of our Lord. We continue to set things in order to be able to go into the mission work as soon as possible. We have bought a notebook pc for space and in order to be up to date on programs for maximum security for on line banking etc. About the second week of April we plan to start living in the motor home [MH] in order to make any final adjustments we may find. I must say, it will be somewhat hard to leave the house and live in such close quarters and the house sitting empty a few feet away, but I feel this will be of benefit. I told Sandy she would especially miss her dishwasher (I plan on taking mine with me, ha). By moving in before we actually leave, we can refine what to take and what not to take. After we get everything loaded and settled in we will have to weigh the MH to be certain we are not over weight. It can add up very quickly.

      There are yet many things to take care of: files, items to sale or auction, and material to get ready for the work. Virginia has been labeling the tracts from the church here. We appreciate her helping us in this area, it has taken a load off of us of the multitudes of things we have to do. The house is still the biggest burden and we are in a dilemma as whether to drop the price more or wait. Any advice would be appreciated. We will begin door knocking sometime in May in counties without the church and still work with the church at Shenandoah until we can sell the house.

      A fine Christian couple from Texas has come onboard supporting "Mission USA" in the amount of $150 per month. Retroactive to January 2008. The money was forwarded on to the Greenfield congregation. They also hope to help physically in this great work in the future. We are thankful for all brothers and sisters who can see the great need for evangelization. If we (the church) don’t do it, who will???

      Let us all remember to pray as the Lord directed: "Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; {38} Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest" (Mat 9:37-38).

      Please announce our work to the congregation there and other churches and pray that others will "Go" with us in this great work. If you need copies of the work plan please let us know. We request that you pray for us and our evangelistic work in the USA. We greatly appreciate your contribution to the work and to us personally. We pray God’s blessings upon you all as you continue in faithful service to Him.

In His Service, Perry & Sandy