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Texas Driver's License Mix-up
      I had mentioned last month a little about our trip and experiences.  One of the things I didn’t mention was about my driver’s license from Texas.  On the way back to Virginia when Sandy was opening our mail she discovered that they had put the wrong picture and signature on my driver’s license.  It had my name and other correct information on it, but had the picture of a little old man and his signature.  Sandy was quite upset, but I thought it was funny.  She is eager to tell others that I did, however, change my tune when she called the DMV at Texas and they told her I would have to come back and be there in person.  She quickly told them that she didn’t think so.  Since it was their mistake, we were not going to be out the expense and trouble to travel all those miles back down there.  Sandy has been on the phone several times trying to get it straightened out and to date 2-10, it still isn’t taken care of.  My temporary license will expire on the 16th of this month -- just another headache with which to contend.
      As most of you have had and are having cold weather, so are we.  It is times like this that we really miss the comforts of the house.  The MH (motor home) is hard to heat and the floor is always cold.  Where we close off the driver’s compartment at night, we have seen it in the forties in there.  We normally open it up during the days as the sun helps to heat it and we don’t feel closed in.  We’ve only had frozen water one night, but since then I have put a small electric heater in the compartment.  So far we have had no more trouble, but I dread seeing the next power bill.  We are surely looking forward to spring and warmer weather.