Church of Christ
Mission USA
Sold House & Moved to Termite Country & Weather Slowing Door Knocking
      We have finally sold the house.  We did owner financing and dropped the price again, but at least it is now being lived in.  Some members here suggested that we move the motorhome to the church building.  At first, I didn’t think it would work, but after doing some measuring and figuring we decided to try it.  I had to do a lot of wiggling to get it just right.  I had to put 6 railroad ties together in order to back the rear wheels upon them and for support of the rear jacks.  After I did that, it was more level than being parked at the house.  We are down and beside of the church building and almost hidden from the road.  We sure don’t have the view, the peace and quiet here nor as much sunshine as before, but I believe we will survive until time for us to leave.  Beware: those railroad ties had termites in them and I have also seen termites in landscape timbers and have had them to rot within 2 years!  “Landscape timber” is a misnomer – they are not for ground contact unless so labeled.

      Our door knocking has been different this month.  Since the weather is cooler and days are running out before it gets too cold, we have been just hanging the bags on most doors.  Of course if we see someone out, we try to talk with them and offer them the DVD.  Sandy is planning on stuffing what bags we have left so they will be ready for the spring.  As stated in the Work Report: we are still in need of some congregation to volunteer to take care of preparing the material and sending it to us in the areas we will be working.  It isn’t that Sandy is not willing to continue doing this job, it is because we cannot haul the weight of the material around with us.  For those with internet access you may want to see the 2009, 9 Journal about the weight problem.