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Anxious to See Our Girls And Grand-Girls...; One Benefit of Living in an RV
      We are looking forward to being with our girls, grand-girls, and son-in-laws for the holidays.  We plan to be at Tammy’s house and Amy and Peter Ray plan on coming also.  This is our yearly get together.  We designated the Christmas holiday for this special occasion.  The reason: this is the only time during the year that Amy has this much time off from work.  Sandy has already informed me that no matter where we are, we must be around Tennessee in December.  We know that when we leave here in the spring, we may be many miles away from there and not be able to see our girls and the grandkids as often as we have in times past.

      In her spare time, Sandy has been scanning in the pictures that we had in albums.  This is to help on weight.  We will give these albums to the girls.  They already have most of them.  We divided them out when we first moved into the motorhome.  It is amazing the things you take for granted living in a house that becomes a “burden” or worry when living in a motorhome, while having to be so conscientious of space and weight.  I still have many books that I hate to get rid of, but due to weight and space, I have no other choice.  I plan to take these out to Michael’s, so he and Peter Ray can go through them and take what they want.

      Living in a motorhome has its drawbacks, but is also beneficial, especially in the work we are doing.  No matter where we go with the MH, we are always at home.  In fact, sometimes I even forget where we are until I look out the window.  We always have our office and work station with us and I have plenty of work to do even while away from Shenandoah. 

      We need to go by Red Bay, AL (not far from Tammy’s) to get some work done on the motorhome.  The windshield has started leaking and one of the seals above the kitchen slide out is messed up and letting a lot of air in.  I have a blanket cut in half and foam insulation tubes stuck up there for now.  I have put electrical tape around the windshield to keep water from coming inside as it did a little while back under the dash.  I only hope we do not have the basement leak like we did last year.  We are also hoping to have better traveling weather this year too.  We are trying to get our problems fixed before we leave here in the spring.

      Tammy and family are planning on traveling to Texas with us for the few days.  As stated in our work report, we have to go there for business.  With the grand-girls along, we will have pleasure also!  They enjoy riding in the motorhome and staying with us when they can.  We are hoping that we will still “like” each other after a few days of such close quarters, ha!  No, we look forward to each minute we get to spend with them because time spent together is so little.  Children are little for such a short time, and we try to make memories with them so we will have them stored up to keep us warm while we are apart.  I hope they will never “outgrow” us and that they will always want to spend time with us.