Church of Christ
Mission USA

      Greetings.  We are wondering where this past year has gone.  It seems like only a few weeks ago (instead of a year ago) that we were getting ready to head out to Red Bay, AL and to Texas, and here we are preparing to go again. We need to get some work done on the motorhome, and then go on to Texas to have it and the jeep inspected and to, hopefully, get my picture put on my driver’s license. 

      Virginia is continuing to improve each week that we see her.  We have been going over once a week and some of the members have gone with us several times.  She always knows us and seems very glad to see us.  She is at Charlottesville which is over an hour’s drive.  Virginia is still somewhat confused, but her mind seems to be improving.  She is anxious to go home, but will not be able to until she can walk better.  Her daughter said that they are hoping she can come home Dec. 10, but it will depend on how she continues to improve.  Please continue to remember her in your prayers.

      Our visitors from Shenandoah have not been back for a few weeks.  Sandy sent them a letter from the church encouraging them to continue to visit and also offering a home study.  If you remember, this is the couple where we talked to the wife and she told us that her husband knew the Methodists weren’t teaching the truth, etc.  We had hoped they were searching for the truth but it may be the case, like so many, they are looking for a church that pleases them.  Sandy called an elderly couple we’ve been in contact with to give them our cell phone number, since we no longer have the house number.  They had said they would get back with us on the filmstrips.  The lady was happy to hear from Sandy and said that they hadn’t forgotten, but had been so busy with the garden, etc. and has promised to call us soon.  Please pray for these two couples that they will have an honest desire to learn and obey the truth.  We have done our part in trying to study with them and now it is up to them to let us come. 

      The members at Shenandoah went to the nursing home this past Tuesday. I did a PowerPoint lesson for the first time there and most residents preferred that type of study.  Mildred has been going with us for the past few times.  It is good to have her there and this also gives her more study.  She is a good encouragement to us and a good Bible student and always ready to help out.  Pray that we will reach more people like Mildred here, and wherever we are able to work.  We are thankful for all the members here and ask that you pray for us all.

      We have somewhat adjusted to being down beside the church building.  We do miss the sunshine and quiet that we had on the mountain but we go over each week to get water and to walk.  It’s hard to beat that good old mountain water!  The water here at the church building is bad and has to be conditioned.


Our Needs And What You Can Do To Help

  • Pray for our efforts, always (privately and publicly) remembering that God gives the increase (I Cor. 3:7).  Pray for more workers in this effort and in every sound effort (Matt. 9:37, 38).
  • Consider and plan to help us knock doors when possible and/or hold a tent meeting.  There is a great need for every Christian to do all possible and wherever possible.  In the Judgment none of us will be able to say “There was no work for me to do” (cp. Matt. 20:1; 1 Cor. 15:58).  There is plenty of work to do.  Unless something changes it, we most likely will door knock in Minnesota in 2010.
  • There is always a need for funds to buy material and to help support those willing to do the work.  If you are not able to physically help you can help by sending funds for this work.  Please send what you can for Mission USA to the Greenfield church – mark MUSA (address above).
  • We need volunteers to get the door knocking material ready for us and mail it to us as we request it.
  • Volunteers to print this Work Report and the Word of Life bulletin and mail out to the recipients.
  • Please announce our needs to the congregation and help us spread the word of this work.  Please pass on our website to other sound brethren and congregations.

      2009 door knocking totals: 988 miles driven; 2,485 doors knocked; 2,443 packets left; 407 DVDs left; 58 BCCs signed up; 5 spot studies; 14 home studies (Mildred Knight); 42 refused the material. 

      The fruit of our labor consists of: 1 baptism (Mildred); study at the Assisted Living Home each Tuesday; 2 visits from the couple at Shenandoah; 2,443 households given the opportunity to learn the truth if they so desire.  We have taken the truth to them.

      2008 door knocking totals: 3,811 miles; 1,762 drs; 1,685 pks; 364 dvds; 27 bcc; 62 rm.  We give this for comparison. 

      In 2010 we hope we can knock at least 4,000 doors, but our goal is not numbers, but souls.  The more people we can have productive talks with at the door, the better chances we have of studying with them.  The longer we talk with people, the fewer doors we are able to knock in a day’s time.  It is almost as tiring to stand and talk for 30 minutes, etc., as it is to walk and knock.  I would rather have fewer doors knocked in a day with good conversations than far more doors knocked.  We never know what a day may bring.  Please pray that we will have many days as we had when we knocked on Mildred’s door.

      We are very grateful for your prayers and financial support of us and the work.  We hope all will have a safe and happy holiday season.

In His service,             Perry & Sandy                                     2009, 11 Jrnl