Church of Christ
Mission USA

A Very Fine and Pleasant Misery & Cold Cash

      We are very thankful to God for our safe trip.  We had good weather, however colder than normal (this global warming sure is something!), but we did not have to drive in rain as we did most of the time last year.  We did drive through some snow on the way back to Virginia, but none was sticking on the road. 

      At the beginning of the trip we went by Tammy’s house and picked up the two granddaughters, and went on to Red Bay, AL to get the motorhome worked on.  After having the MH work completed we went back to Tammy’s, and we all (Granddad, Granny, Tammy, Michael, Sher’ril and Samantha) left for Texas the day after Christmas.  Michael was broken into “Roughing It Smoothly” (Tiffin’s MH logo) somewhat roughly:  He and Tammy had to sleep on the floor on an air mattress they had brought.  It has a small leak in it and had to be re-inflated at least once during the night.  Furthermore, it is cold (see next paragraph) on the floor!  Each night, room had to be made for the air mattress to be rolled out, inflated and the covers added.  Later in the night the pump could be heard re-inflating it.  Not wanting to be out done, we paid them back by snoring.  Early in the mornings there was still some air in the mattress that needed to be “squze” out in order to put everything up for traveling.  The grand-girls slept on the couch, folded down and made up of layers of blankets because it also is cold.  It was crowded, cold and a demanding, if not hectic trip at times, but we are all still on speaking terms, at least somewhat (just kidding).  We are glad that they traveled with us even though it wasn’t the most comfortable for them. To use the words of Pat McManus of his camping experiences: “It was a very fine and pleasant misery.”  We did see some beautiful sights, however fleeting (normally 60 mph).

      Cold???  As I sit here typing this it is 31° outside, 66° at desktop level and 51° on the floor.  We’ve had trouble with our water freezing some, but so far no damage has been done.  We are trying to heat with electric heaters in order to save cash.  If we used the two gas furnaces on the MH we would not have to be concerned with the water freezing because one vent goes to the water compartment, but it does cost more that way because they are not very efficient, as all such furnaces, a lot of heat goes out the exhaust.  Plus we would have to add a temporary tank or move the MH often to fill up (not practical).  We are trying to save money to help insure our future in this work.  Our health insurance went up $200 a month, but we made the decision to raise our deductable to $15,000 each so we could save the $200 extra a month.  Hopefully we won’t need it!