Church of Christ
Mission USA
You can help the work greatly by: Praying for the work and we covet your prayers for us also;
and by passing on our website or our work plan to other sound brethren and congregations.

      Greetings from Shenandoah, VA.  We hope that all had safe and happy holidays.  We enjoyed being with our family.  Our times together are too short and far in between so we cherish each moment.  We had a busy and tiring trip, but everything went very well.  We thank God for our safe trip.  We got the MH repaired under warranty which helped a lot on our otherwise expensive trip.  Hopefully, I finally got my driver’s license taken care of – we won’t know until it arrives in the mail.  It was good to see my mother and some of my brothers as we passed by my hometown.  One brother (Dallas, a member at Round Knob congregation in VA) has to have gallbladder surgery soon – please pray for him.  Back at Shenandoah, where we park the MH, there was a few inches of snow left and I had to shovel some gravel at the ramps to get upon them in order to be level.  We are set up and settled in for the remainder of the winter’s work here, and busy getting ready for next summer’s door knocking.    

      While on our trip we were able to see some old friends (church members) and make some new contacts.  I would like to mention Bill Crossno who has been a great help to us ever since we first met him in 1988.  He is now 80 and is still preaching even though he has had some serious health problems.  I had Bill in mind when I wrote of the faithful warriors, in the last paragraph of my article of December 2008 titled The Wayward Soldiers.  We are very grateful for him and the help he has given us for the Lord’s work for the past 22 years.  He prays for us and the work every day.  We could not ask for more.  Without him I may not be preaching today, and much credit goes to him for the ones we have converted, and others having been given the opportunity to learn the truth.  Likewise, we are so thankful for all who have helped us in times past and those who do so now.  We were able also to see our dear friends, the four sisters: Grace, Bea, Etta, Ruth and her husband William Rawdon.  We first met them when they visited us at Shenandoah many years ago.  We appreciate them and the help they have given to us in the work, both monetary and by words of encouragement.  They live close to Tammy and came to her house the day before we left for Virginia.  We would love to have seen others in their area, but I was sick at the time we were near there and not able to get out.  Sandy got sick just as I recovered.

      We appreciate you all and would love to have seen all of you, but was not possible in the limited time we had.  But please know that any congregation that desires me to come and discuss the work with them I will do the very best that I can to accommodate.

      We are preparing the material for next summer’s door knocking.  We have about 1,200 of each tract on hand.  Sandy, with volunteers here, will bag these to have ready for our next door knocking.  However, when we leave here we will need volunteers to get the door knocking material ready for us and mail it to us as we request it.  Individuals or congregations can volunteer for this.  We need your help.  Please let us know soon if you will be able to help us in this area.  It is a great way to have a hand in helping to get the truth before many in this country who perhaps have never had such an opportunity.

      Here is a list of the material we are using in our door knocking.  Our introduction page which explains what we are doing and encourages further study.  Current tracts are: “What must I Do To Be Saved?” – Bill Jackson; “Authority In Religion” – Rod Rutherford; “Have You Counted The Cost If Your Soul Should Be Lost?” – Rod Rutherford; “Identifying The True Church” – Rod Rutherford; Gospel Minutes handout which has much information about the church.  Sometimes we may use other tracts as well, but these are the basic ones that we have been using.  They are relatively inexpensive and very well written and the information is very valuable.  These are placed in the plastic door hanging bags and are left at every house unless the people refuse it – few do.  If the people have a DVD player we offer the DVD – Searching For Truth.

      We are very grateful for your prayers and financial support of us and the work.  We know that we could not do the work without God’s grace and your help.  We pray that all will have a good year and wherein we have not accomplished in 2009 that which we desired (esp. church work), as Sandy says: “Let’s try again in 2010.”   
In His service,            
Perry & Sandy                                                       2009, 12 Jrnl