Church of Christ
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Heimlich Maneuver, etc.
      I feel somewhat like the proverbial dead man: “All dressed up and nowhere to go.”  Well, maybe not entirely -- knowing that there are 53 counties in Virginia that is without the church.  Certainly the house has been and is still a great burden to us.  Not only in the high mortgage payment we have, but also now that spring is here, having to be here to mow the yard, etc.  We have had some showings, but nothing with any real hope.  One main problem is that there are so many excellent “steals” from the bank’s foreclosures.  Our realtor told us that some houses are going for about half price!  We cannot afford to cut ours to half price.  That would not even come close to paying off the bank plus the added expense of campground fees when we leave here.

      April the 10th is our first anniversary of living in the motorhome: one full year.  It is hard to believe how fast time is flying!  This is why we all need to be doing as much as we can in the Lord’s work.  As Paul said: "Redeeming the time, because the days are evil" (Eph 5:16 cp. Col. 4:5).  Ah, speaking of “dead man,” we’ve inhaled enough formaldehyde in the past year, that is common to RVs, that we should be preserved very well for the future.  We have been aware of the danger and have taken some reasonable precautions, but we have spent a lot of time in this thing especially in the winter months seeing my “office” is in here.  In the year’s time we have worked out many storage problems and made several improvements.  I have remodeled my “office” twice.  It is much better now.

      Since some TV stations have gone digital, we now can get two weather channels and some news.  Man, we feel we have come of age!  We only watch the news when we want to get depressed or hear some new lies.  I keep hearing of “global warming” but haven’t felt any yet!!!  I have my fleece jacket on plus a fleece blanket over my shoulders as I write this. 

      We took the motorhome out for a two night trip to my mothers for her 85th birthday in order to have a place to sleep, plus burn some rust out of the engine where we have been sitting so much.  We were past due, in time only (not mileage – by a long shot), for an oil change so we combined the two objectives.   Tammy, Amy and their families were there plus one of my brothers and my sister came from out of town for the occasion.  Thus we needed the space for us to sleep.  Of course, the grandkids stayed with us.

      Whee!  As I write this the wind has picked up greatly and we are now rocking – hopefully the rolling will not follow.  Maybe I should have said: “On no” instead of “Whee,” anyway: so far, so good.  Our main concern is where I have to park the MH we have some big trees that sure do a lot of swaying in high winds.  Last year we had one to break about half way up in the powerful wind.  This year we’ve had several in the woods around us to do the same.  Some were oaks.

      If you are not familiar with the Heimlich maneuver please become familiar with it!  I had occasion to use it, for the second time, last night before Bible study as a member choked on a mint.  It was a frightening thing, especially remembering a fellow preacher who died from choking on one while at MSOP.  He went to bed with the mint in his mouth.  Please never do such!  They said of him, that the way it had lodged, no one (other than medical professionals) could have done anything.  I wonder if this was said just to console the wife.  However, remembering what they said of the brother, I was fearful that I was not going to be able to dislodge the mint from the member’s throat.  It wasn’t easy!  It would have been even more frightening had I never learned of the Heimlich maneuver.  Afterwards I had concern that I may have broken a rib, but the member said something to the effect of “Don’t worry about that, you saved my life.”  Well maybe, maybe not, but we all need to learn this maneuver.  You may someday save a family member’s or someone else’s life.

Bulletin flash:  I was interrupted by Sandy to go see “Three Little Bear Cubs & Momma.” [more next time]