Church of Christ
Mission USA
Black Bear Cub up a Tree
    (And Momma Bear in the Garbage Can)
      Last month as I was writing the last few words of the journal I was interrupted by Sandy to go see "Three Little Bear Cubs & Momma." As she was leaving for town she called me on the CB and said she saw "three little cubs…" I was out the door "running," well for an old man, to the location. I did not take time to get the camera (foolish). I got about halfway there and met Sandy coming in the car (that saved me from a heart attack!). We quickly turned around and went back. The three cubs were leaving the scene. I hastily looked around for momma but did not see her. I told Sandy to go get the cameras and I would try to hold them. No, not in my arms. I shouted, barked and clapped to get them up the tree and kept on doing such. I kept a cautious eye out for momma as she was pretty big! The cubs climbed a tree just about on the crest of a sloping ridge that I could not see over. So having treed the cubs, as any good bear dog would do, I backed off as any coward would do.
      At some distance I tried to keep the cubs up the trees, but they were determined to go to momma. During this time the cubs were crying and momma bear, over the ridge, was too, so the cubs started down the trees. Foolishly determined as I was, I headed back to keep them up there until Sandy got back, but two made it down and escaped and I saw momma coming after the other one. She stopped and I was already frozen (some would say "scared stiff"). We sized one another up (I knew she could take me easily if she wanted to), but she turned and went off again (thank God that He put the fear of man in the beasts). Sandy got back shortly after, and we got several pictures and a video. I told Sandy we had better ease on back because momma has probably had about all she was going to take. Now let me give you a serious warning: do not act as foolishly as I did. Any size bear can do you much harm and a momma can be especially fierce.
      The other night we heard the metal trash can turn over, and when I went out I saw that momma bear had raided the cat food! I guess momma bear wanted some pay for the photos we took. What is this world coming to – everybody and everything wants to be paid for everything! Even some brethren want to be paid for articles they write.