Church of Christ
Mission USA
[printed in May 2009 for April]
Dear brethren,
      Greetings from the flowering Shenandoah Valley. A family from Pennsylvania visited a couple of weeks ago. You may remember they are from the "one cup" group that I have corresponded with.  A niece was also with them. She has been a Muslim, but they have been talking to her about the church. The niece has been visiting several congregations and was confused as to why our women weren’t wearing head coverings. She also said she was confused why different churches of Christ teach different things. We told her that shouldn’t be the case and if all were truly following the Bible, there would be no differences in doctrinal matters. We talked about 45 minutes with her, answering her questions. Sandy gave her some material on baptism, etc. Please remember her in your prayers.
      Virginia has a bad heart valve that has to be replaced and a blocked artery; she is to have surgery in the near future. Please remember her in your prayers.
      Sandy and I have started door knocking in Elkton and the very first lady we talked with was a worker at an assisted living home. We offered to come in and conduct Bible studies and gave her our material plus the DVD. She also signed up for the BCC. A few days later the administrator called and we set up a time: every Tuesday at 2 p.m. We’ve had a good start and the door knocking is much better than last years in Stuarts Draft because the houses are closer together being in town. There is no church in Elkton and we are the closest so we invite them to our services and our introduction page has Shenandoah church of Christ on it. May’s door knocking has gotten off to a good start also because of the warmer weather, but we have had to work around the rain a lot. The other day, we had gotten about a mile away from the car when the skies began looking real threatening, but thankfully we didn’t get rained on. We have gotten started a month earlier than last year.
      April’s Totals: 3 days; 193 drs; 190 pks; 33 dvds; 8 bcc; 3 rm; 0 ss; 0 hs; 65 mi. (rm = refused material; ss = spot study; hs = home study). We knocked an average of 64.33 doors a day with an average cost of material at about $49 a day. We greatly appreciate all who give monthly to this work and those who give occasionally. We need funds to continue this good work: please send your contributions to the Greenfield congregation above. Mark your checks for MUSA. We project we will be able to knock on more doors this year than last year.
      We covet your prayers (cp. Acts 12:12). We are striving to get the good Bible based tracts and DVD to as many people as we can, and if possible study personally and/or through the BCCs. Please pray for our efforts and for each one who receives the material – and pray often.
      We greatly appreciate your prayers and support of us and this work.
In His Service,     Perry & Sandy                              See Journal  2009, 4 Jrnl