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Trip To PA & The Ups And Downs of Door Knocking
    We took a three day trip to PA to see our four girls (2 daughters, their husbands and our 2 granddaughters).  We met them at Idlewild amusement park (children oriented theme park).  It has been around 25 years since I had been to one.  The kids and grandkids enjoyed it and we enjoyed them.  I rode a few rides with the grandkids; the last one was the “Paratrooper.”  Even though I was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, after this ride I refused to ride anything else.  It took me awhile to quit “swimming.”  I guess my option for reenlistment has long been gone in many ways!     Perry
      Samantha had a tooth that was just hanging on and Perry had tried to get her to let him pull it.  She would let him start and then she would chicken out.  Michal Sher’ril had nagged her all weekend to let Granddad pull that tooth. Upon meeting them at the park, Tammy told us Samantha wasn’t allowed to ride until the tooth came out for fear of her swallowing it.  Her Granddad did not want her to miss the rides so, with Tammy’s permission, he tried to pull it out with his fingers (a surprise attack), but slipped because Samantha resisted.  Just a few seconds later Samantha started to say something but didn’t, her eyes got real big and she spit the tooth out into her hand.  She cried with happiness because the tooth was out.     Sandy

The Ups And Downs of Door Knocking

      Much could be said pro and con about door knocking.  While some brethren have “knocked” door knocking and seem to want everyone to use their paper, I cannot do that against good sound publications.  In fact I believe the printed page to be one of the best ways of getting the Word before the people.  This is why we pass out good sound material in our door knocking efforts.  Radio, television and the internet are also good, but nothing will ever replace personal contact; and best of all is members contacting their friends and relatives.  We should use every means available to us.  If there is any doubt as to what should be in our publications, sermons, etc. we should go back to the Bible and see what God has given us to preach (II Tim. 4:2) as some day we will answer to Him.

      Here I want to give just a few things as I remember them about door knocking.  I think one of the greatest hindrances to door knocking is dogs.  I do not know how many times I have tried to out talk a barking dog or dogs.  They can be very distracting and sometimes downright threatening.  Several times, and I think wisely, we left the material on the gatepost, all the while being careful not to get our hands bitten.  Sometimes it seems every dog in a neighborhood is barking.  I must admit I like the places where no dogs are present.

      Next to dogs are telephones.  Many times folks come to the door with a telephone stuck in their ear.  And then you have some who are rude (I think a lot of these believe we are JWs or Mormons).  Some religious people refuse the material (not very religious are they?).  I hope our people do not act like some we have ran into.  When one comes to our door there is no need to be rude or even refuse their material.  If you do not like these coming to your door, one sure way to keep them from coming is to try to study with them.  If you do not feel qualified then set up a time when one that is qualified can study with them.  Be very nice, but hold them to what the Bible says.

      Then there are those who are very nice to us and thank us for coming by.  From the indications we have I believe many do read the material and watch the video.  Whether they do or not it is their responsibility; ours is to take the gospel to them (Mark 16:15).  Indeed, the very greatest hindrances to door knocking can be our own selves and the excuses are unlimited. 

      Leaving the material when no one answers the door can sometimes be challenging.  Some doors and areas are not very congenial to our efforts, especially when it is windy as in the case of storms brewing.  I have not yet opted to carrying my own nails and hammer, however tempting.  We never want the material to blow off and make a mess or worse yet cause someone to fall (the plastic bags are slippery).  Many years ago we had one lady to call the church building and give us “down the road” because the material had blown off and littered her yard.  I understand her being upset because she was elderly and hard for her to pick it up.  One of our young helpers had hung it.  If you have a door knocking campaign in your area, please caution all workers about these things (there is much more).  We want to leave good impressions, but never compromise the truth.  Remember, we are planting and/or watering, God gives the increase.