Church of Christ
Mission USA
[printed June 2009 for May]
Dear brethren,

      Greetings to you all from the lush and green Shenandoah Valley of Virginia; I am beginning to think we are in a rain forest and my yard is a hay field.  It is hard to keep up with everything: home owner chores; sermons and lessons; articles; studies; door knocking, etc.  It will be a burden lifted, in more ways than one, when we are able to sell the house.  In our door knocking we have had to work around rain and storms several times. 

      Virginia is to have open heart surgery June 5.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Her condition is more serious than we first thought.  We are proud of her in her Christian growth and dedication.  She has been a good worker in preparing material, etc.

      A few weeks ago, while door knocking, we saw a carnival at the ball park in Elkton.  The workers had their RVs there.  I told Sandy that it sure would be good for several Christians to gather together in order to hold a gospel meeting there in a tent or the shelter.  The carnival folks gather together and live in RVs for a period of time for money; we should be having some evangelistic work going on in every town where the church is not.  I think it would draw some curiosity to see several RVs parked together and banners advertising a meeting. 

      In a very nice and “well to do” neighborhood, Sandy and I had an “on the spot study” with a Calvinist a couple of weeks back.  He invited us into his house and we stayed over an hour.  We didn’t get as many doors knocked that day because of the time spent with him, but we certainly were glad to get the opportunity to study with this man.  We are hoping that some of the Scriptures pointed out to him, will cause him to question his denominational doctrine.

      I have conducted 2 studies at the assisted living home.  Three of the residents seem quite interested.  I am showing the Jule Miller videos but had to skip #2 because of the bad quality of the videos now.  We have had them several years.  It’s too bad that videos don’t last longer than they do.  I showed #3 (the Christian Age) and one of the ladies said she had learned a lot from watching it.  The coordinator has been present both times.  After each video I have a few things to say in order to emphasize certain points.  I have noticed the coordinator nodding in approval several times.  We have Tuesday evenings scheduled for these studies.  Please pray for our efforts.  It would be great to have the Jule Miller series on DVD.  Sandy has emailed the company that puts out these studies and has told them about the videos going bad.  We are hoping they might give us a discount on the DVD’s but have heard nothing from them concerning that.  I thought the videos were guaranteed.

      Door knocking: May’s totals: 115 miles; 258 drs; 249 pks; 46 dvds; 7 bcc; 9 rm (refused material); 1 ss (on the spot study).  That is 249 packets of tracts @ .60 = $150; 46 dvds = $46.  That is 249 households that have been presented with some outstanding and soul saving material, not watered down religious material with just interesting and/or funny stories!  If you count an average of four to a household you are talking about 996 souls!  Is it worth this much money to get the truth before this number of people???  How much are you willing to give in this effort?  We greatly appreciate all who give on a regular basis and those who give as they are able. We covet your prayers for this work and every good work by sound brethren throughout the world.

      We knocked on one door and an elderly man answered.  He said he used to read my articles in the “Good News” publication we circulated in the local newspaper.  He said he missed getting them.  That was the planting (I trust and pray), maybe this will be the watering.  Please pray with me that it will bring forth fruit unto our Father.  With the tracts and DVD given to him he surely has ample material to learn the saving truth. All who receive the material have my phone number they can call for a personal study.

Our Needs and What You Can Do To Help

  • Pray for our efforts, always (privately and publicly) remembering that God gives the increase (I Cor. 3:7).  Pray for more workers in this effort and in every sound effort (Matt. 9:37, 38).
  • Consider and plan to help us knock doors when possible and/or hold a tent meeting.  There is a great need for every Christian to do all possible and wherever possible.  In the Judgment none of us will be able to say “There was no work for me to do.”  There is plenty of work to do.  It is our choice: work predominately for ourselves to lay up in store and die and leave it (in many cases to unbelieving relatives or the state, etc.) or work for the Lord and lay up treasures in Heaven (Matt. 6:19-21; Col. 3:1-3; cp. Luke 12:16-21).  A Christian should consider very seriously leaving most or all of their assets to a sound congregation to be used in specified good works.  And use all you can NOW!
  • There is always a need for money to buy material and to help support those willing to do the work.  If you are not able to physically help you can help by sending funds for this work.
  • Please announce our needs to the congregation and help us spread the word of this work.
      We greatly appreciate your prayers and support of us and this work. 
In His service,             Perry & Sandy                        See Journal  2009, 5 Jrnl