Church of Christ
Mission USA

[printed July 2009 for June]
Dear brethren,
      Greetings from the hot and humid Shenandoah Valley.  We hope that all are well and that you had a safe 4th of July.  Virginia came through the heart surgery very well and is now able to attend services.  She was staying at her daughters but is now back in her home.  Please continue to remember her in your prayers.

      We received a nice email the other day from the Stiversville congregation in Tennessee.  I want to pass on some of it to you:  Hello to the Sexton's; We appreciate so very much the reports you have been sending us. We are impressed with your efforts.  Last evening we had an elders meeting and discussed how we could help… we have decided to take that support and send it to you folks, where we feel our support will produce greater fruits.  The amount is $85.00 per month.  I trust this is good news for the work and for the sponsoring congregation.....  For the elders at Stiversville, Larry Benderman.  We certainly appreciate this congregation, as we do you all, and their kind words of encouragement.

      While door knocking the other day, Sandy and I had an “on the spot study” (ss) with a Baptist man.  We talked for well over 30 minutes and during some of this time, I tried to convince him that we only followed the Bible and not Alexander Campbell as he so accused.  He had some strange ideas (as do most denominational people) and said that I was “modern” because I taught baptism instead of “grace only” salvation.  Anyway, he is supposed to call me later for a study, but I will be surprised if he does.  We run across all sorts of individuals: some pleasant, a few very UNpleasant, several have told us they appreciate our efforts, most have “no time” to discuss religion, etc.  It is the pleasant ones that help us to have a good day, and it is knowing that we are obeying God that keep us motivated.

      Door knocking:  June’s totals:   182 miles; 465 drs; 461 pks; 81 dvds; 14 bcc; 4 rm; 3 ss

      I have shown the Jule Miller videos and have had 2 Bible studies at the assisted living home.  The open Bible studies seem to go well.  The Director (a young woman) continues to sit in on the studies and turns to every verse she has time to.  Later I plan on using some Power Point lessons.  The last lesson I taught was on Cain and Abel.  Please pray that there will be honest hearts here.

      The funds at Shenandoah are running very low as they have been paying for the paper, ink and related expenses of the cover page we place in the packet which we leave at the doors.  We will in the future have to get funds from MUSA for this.   If you are able to help us please do so.

      We are still trying to sell the house, but to no avail, please pray for our success in doing so.

Our Needs and What You Can Do To Help

  •   Pray for our efforts, always (privately and publicly) remembering that God gives the increase (I Cor. 3:7).  Pray for more workers in this effort and in every sound effort (Matt. 9:37, 38).
  •   Consider and plan to help us knock doors when possible and/or hold a tent meeting.
  •   There is always a need for money to buy material and to help support those willing to do the work.
  •   We need funds for a web site advertizing the work and the need for helpers; post these reports and articles on.  Please send what you can for Mission USA to the Greenfield church (address above).
  •   Please announce our needs to the congregation and help us spread the word of this work.

      We greatly appreciate your support of us, and we ask that you remember us and our efforts in your prayers. 

In His service,             Perry & Sandy                        See Journal  2009, 6 Jrnl