Church of Christ
Mission USA
Porches & Rattlesnakes
      Well I have told you about some encounters with dogs, telephones and doorbells, now I want to tell you about porches.  Some are so inviting, it makes you wish you could just sit and stay a spell; rest and enjoy the shade and breeze.  Especially when it is around 100 degrees, as it was several days last year, but almost anytime the sun is in her full glory.  Some houses have no porch to shelter you from the glowing sun and then the reflection from the house makes it even worse.  We enjoy standing on the porches that has a nice breeze coming through and especially those with the hanging flower baskets where the smell sweetens the air. No matter what kind of porch we find ourselves on, we are always pleased when the one who comes to the door is cheerful and friendly and who seems to appreciate us bringing them the “good news.”

      We’ve been seeing quite a lot of wildlife around our place lately:  We had the bears earlier; wild turkeys; a gray fox eating blue berries; deer always (one is a petunia eating deer); and a not so pleasant visitor. I encountered a 46” rattlesnake while mowing a section of high weeds on down the road from our house.  When I saw him he was about 3’ from my left leg and in the strike position.  How do I know he was 46 inches?  Well, I stretched him out and measured him, but only after I shot him.