Church of Christ
Mission USA
                                                                                                      [printed Aug. 2009 for July]
Dear brethren,
      Greetings from the Shenandoah Valley.  We hope all are well and enjoying good health.  We are fine and trying not to be too stressed over the economic situation.  We have dropped the price of the house AGAIN.  Since we first put it on the market, we have dropped the price $100,000.  This hurts because this was money we had hoped to have to live on, as needed, while doing the work.  In fact, we have not had a showing since April so we don’t know what is going to happen.  Please pray that the house will soon sell.

      The other day when we were door knocking and walking the road from house to house, a young woman stopped in the road and asked us if we were Jehovah Witnesses.  We told her no and asked her why she wanted to know.  She never answered and drove on off.  I surmised that she was a JW and that she must have thought she had ran across some fellow JWs.  Later that morning we knocked on the door of an elderly woman’s house and guess who was there?  That same young woman.  I asked her if she was a Jehovah Witness, she said she was.  She was there studying with this elderly woman.  I talked awhile with both of them and tried to say some things that the JW would answer me on so I could expose her, but she just lay low.  I gave them both the material; the JW would not take the DVD but she did take the tracts.

      I told Sandy that I wanted to visit the elderly lady again and talk with her.  We went back about a week later and was able to talk with her without the JW being there.  I found out she is not a JW herself and she does not believe most of their doctrine, but she has been studying with them for over a year.  I tried to warn her further about the JW’s doctrine and that if I could ever answer any questions she may have to give me a call.  It seems the JWs take advantage of the elderly in such situations.  A lot of people will not refuse their pressure and others may allow such a study just because of loneliness.  In either case I went the extra mile to try to warn and offer this lady another opportunity for study. 

      We are now knocking in more rural areas where it is not practical to walk from house to house.  This is harder on the car: starting, stopping, idling, etc.  When it appears no one is home we leave the car idling.  If we see someone we turn it off.  We pulled into one place where a gentleman was in his truck ready to leave.  So I got out and left the car running as I thought I would not be long.  It turned out he knew who I was and we had a good conversation, mostly about religious things.  After a while Sandy realized we might be there a good while longer so she turned the car off.  After a few more minutes he turned his truck off.  We had quite an in depth talk: somewhat encouraging, but at the same time sad.  He said he was not afraid to die because he knew he was saved, etc.  I talked of the importance of truth and being sure we truly have it.  Of course he agreed.  He is Pentecostal and said he has had the Holy Spirit since age 14.  I have never converted anyone who was strong in this doctrine.  This is what is so sad: they think they are saved, but are so far from the truth and so hard to reach.  Years ago we had studied a lot with one dear neighbor of ours (also Pentecostal).  She said she had spoken in tongues for about five seconds and would not give up what she felt then for all the Bible.  It is sad that people are so deceived!!!  But pray for this gentleman that he will study with me.  He said he had respect for me, so maybe he will come through.

      More sadness followed the next day as we knocked in an area where I had studied with two brothers about ten years ago.  They both had taken most, if not all, of our correspondence courses.  During that time I wrote to them and answered questions they had which also developed into several home studies, but I could never convince them of the truth.  The Methodist Church building where they attended is just down the street, and I suppose the people and preacher there had a lot of influence on them.  As I talked with the lady at the door I found out that both of the brothers had passed away.  It makes one have second thoughts: Was there more that I could have done and should have done back then?  One thing is for certain, we need to be doing all we can now while we have the opportunities before us!  We meet a lot of “religious” people and many are active in their denomination.  We are putting the truth into their hands, perhaps the best opportunity some of them have ever had.  We hope and pray that many will have an honest heart.

      July’s door knocking totals: 180 miles driven; 420 doors knocked; 412 packets left; 68 DVDs left; 7 BCCs signed up; 8 refused the material.

      We are very pleased that Virginia is recovering very well and seems as good as new.  Francine had some extensive fire damage to her house.  Ruby’s husband George had a heart attack, but is doing very well at the present and says he is feeling better with the medication than he has for years.  James is doing well except for some dizziness and memory problems.  Continue to pray for all these.

      We are very grateful for your prayers and financial support of us and the work.  We are still in need of more support for the work and funds for a web site so we can advertize the work and the need for helpers; post these reports and articles on.  Anything you can do will be appreciated greatly.
In His Service,  Perry and Sandy                        See Journal  2009, 7 Jrnl