Church of Christ
Mission USA
Knocked On Door, Greeted By Hornets
      People use different methods of protecting their homes from intruders: lights, alarms, fences, dogs, etc.  However, I found out one hot day that one house has a unique method: On the second knock on the door I heard the distinct sound of several bees flying about my head.  As I looked up at the low ceiling of the porch I saw hornets streaming out of a nest just above and to the right of my head.  I hung the material and departed “exit left!”  Evidently, as many, these folks seldom use the front door.  Someday, they too will be surprised. 

      Speaking of hornets, last year we had a big nest in the top eave of the house.  I had a time getting rid of them (several battles).  The spray would barely reach it and would not do the job.  I took some long conduit piping, coupled together (about 30’) and tied the water hose to it; turned the water on and gouged it into the nest.  Having opened it up, I then hung out the window of the upstairs and sprayed into the nest.  With much trouble (several times doing this) I finally won the war and without a sting, albeit I came close.  

      As I write this, I have already had several skirmishes with a large yellow jacket army at my house.  They have built inside of a Purple Martin house 16 feet off the ground. I have tried spraying and the water hose thing, but to no avail.  I cannot get the hose inside the house because of the angle.  I have decided to try and burn them out using the conduit with burning oily rags on the end.  We’ll see how that goes.  [written later]  No success, I only succeeded in messing up my bird house somewhat.  The bees still inhabit it and my bird house looks like it has suffered a fire at that one entrance.  Sandy took some pictures of the episode: the first few pictures show me torching the house, trying to get it inside (not able to); the next picture shows me as the “fireman” with the water hose putting it out! The third picture shows a disappointed man.  I ought to be able to sell these somewhere!  Ha.  I suppose I will give up on these bees and let them have it!

      The other day while door knocking I ran into yellow jackets again.  They had built inside the wall of the house behind the outside light fixture beside the door.  The only thing you could see was the bees coming and going behind the light fixture.

      “Busy as bees” is what we all should be in carrying the gospel to as many as possible.  Time is passing so quickly and the cold weather will be on us soon.  Jesus needs many workers for His harvest.  We appreciate what you all are doing in your area and elsewhere and in helping us.  We pray God’s blessing on every good work.