Church of Christ
Mission USA
[Written in Sept. 2009 for August]
Dear brethren,
      Greetings from the Shenandoah Valley.  We trust that things are well for you and the congregation there.  We have been quite busy with trying to keep things done up here; at the church building; door knocking; getting lessons for the nursing home study, etc.   Sandy and I went up to the church building the other morning and did some work.  This has been such a growing year that the flower bushes and shrubs had grown until it looked like a jungle.  I also had to do some maintenance around the septic area.  Sandy helped cut back the bushes and drag off limbs.  And talking about bushes, both she and I were “bushed” when we got finished.

      We are having a regular study on Wednesday afternoons with Mildred Knight.  We knocked on her door 8-11 and set up a study for the next day.  When we went back the following week, she told us she had watched the DVD 2 times and she had also received her correspondence course and had it filled out and ready to send in. She has visited with the church since 8-23 and on 8-30 informed us that she knew, from her studies, that she was not saved and wanted to be baptized into the body of Christ.  We talked with her for quite a long time after everyone had left.  I talked with her about Christian responsibilities.  Her understanding and perception of the Bible is quite refreshing.  I have no doubt that she understood, so we took her to the church building at Harrisonburg and baptized her.  We thank God for this increase (1 Cor. 3:7).  We are still studying with her each Wednesday afternoon and have been showing her the Bible filmstrips. 

      We have been door knocking in Virginia’s neighborhood and she told us that one of her neighbors wanted her to bring him the DVD.  We had only left a packet on his door because he wasn’t home. After he watched the DVD, he asked Virginia to have us come by his apartment and talk with him.  We did so on 8-31 and studied with him for about 1 ½ hours.  He has visited with us one time.

      A few days ago while door knocking, we ran across a woman who was visiting her mother.  When I introduced myself and that I was with the church of Christ, this lady said something to the effect that the church of Christ was a good church.  When I offered her the packet, she told us that she lived at Elkton and that she already had the packet and that she and her husband had read each of the tracts.  She also commented that her husband told her that the church of Christ seems to go more by the Bible than any other church.  She told us that she agreed with her husband and said the odd thing of it is they are both Baptists.  She took the DVD because there was no one home when we knocked on her door before; therefore she only received the packet. We offered to come and study with them.  Please pray for this couple that they will have honest hearts and that they will call us for a study.  We also talked with another woman this same day for quite a while.  She had some questions so we gave her a Bible answer for those, and tried to set up a time for us to come and study with her.  She seemed interested and said she would call us later for a study.  There are other encouraging encounters, but we cannot tell of every one.  Please pray for all of these.  

      In the above examples we see the value of the material we leave when no one is home or if they have no DVD player.  We also see the value of the DVD.  I think we should also see the value of hand delivering the material and making personal contact.  We have had many of them to commend us for our efforts.  Of course, there are those who oppose us.

      Augusts’ door knocking totals: 11 bcc; 175 miles; 0 spot study;  4 home studies; 1 conversion; 83 dvds; 372 packs; 381 doors knocked; 9 refused material.  Bob Williams of the Greenfield congregation is taking care of the Hurt 8 lesson course for the BCC students, and Steve Cline of Mountain View church of Christ in Staunton, Virginia is taking care of those who wish to go further in the advanced courses.  We appreciate these and all others, who are helping in this work in one way or the other.

      We are very grateful for your financial support of us and the work. We ask that you continue to remember us and the work in your prayers both publically and privately.  We pray God’s blessings on you all.

In His service,   Perry & Sandy                        See Journal  2009, 8 Jrnl