Church of Christ
Mission USA
[printed in Oct. 2009 for Sept.] 
Dear brethren,
      Greetings from the lovely Shenandoah Valley.  We trust all are enjoying the cooling temps. The last day of September that we door knocked it was 57 degrees and very breezy so we just hung the bags on the doors.

      We mentioned Virginia’s neighbor last month and that we had visited with him.  His name is Peter Fry.  He came to church services Wednesday night.  We had set up a time for us to come each Thursday at 10:00, but he has put it on hold for the time being.  Please pray for this man.  He has some health problems and didn’t feel like studying. 

      The other day while door knocking, we talked with a lady for quite a long time.  She said that her husband was brought up Methodist and she Pentecostal.  Now they attend the Pentecostal.  She said her husband had read through the Bible once and was doing it again. He had been teaching children’s church where they attend. She said he recently told her that he could no longer teach it because what he was teaching was not what the Bible says.  From talking with her, it seems they are searching.  We are hoping they will call us for a study.  Please remember this couple in your prayers.

      I am still going to the assisted living (nursing) home each Tuesday afternoon.  Last month, one of the residents asked me to do a lesson on speaking in tongues.  I did so.  I have been putting my lessons on paper and giving each one a copy so they can study later on as well.  When I went for the next study, I wasn’t able to do the lesson I had prepared because there was still questions about the tongue speaking.  The director told me that they had discussed this subject all week.  Two other workers there got in on the conversation and one of them said she could speak in tongues and that she could also perform miracles.  These two became angry when I tried to show them what the Bible has to say on the matter.  A few days later, while door knocking, we knocked on the door of these worker’s “pastor.”  The wife came to the door and said she would not take the material because she had seen it already and that I had upset some of their members who worked at the nursing home.  I tried to get her and her husband to study with us, but she refused.  She told me that she could speak in tongues.  I asked her to do so, but she said she couldn’t command God and the only time she could speak in tongues was when God had her to.  It is sad and so unnecessary for these people to be so deceived. 

      Mildred’s daughter, Holly, is now sitting in on our weekly studies.  Mildred has also been teaching Holly.  She called the other day to ask where a certain Scripture was found. We are so thankful for Mildred and her good heart.  She accepts what the Bible says and has a desire to do what she can in the kingdom of God. Please remember her and all the other members here at Shenandoah in your prayers.

      September’s totals: 7 bcc; 198 miles driven; 1 spot study;  4 home studies;  56 DVDs;  424 packs; 428 doors knocked; 4 refused material. 

      We are very grateful for your financial support of us and the work. Please keep us in your prayers.

In His service,    Perry & Sandy                        See Journal  2009, 9 Jrnl