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Copperheads And Yellow Jackets Under The Porch

(Deceptions: We Can be Deceived in Any Area)

      We are warned of deception many times in God’s Word. It is a very serious matter! Souls are in the balance. We are warned of those who would deceive us, and of self-deception. Certainly none of us should practice deception! The following is a true, but light-hearted account of misinterpreting.

      Some years back we lived on the side of a mountain where there were a lot of copperheads. One day I noticed some yellow jackets flying under the end of the porch. There was only 6" clearance under it, so I laid down flat to find the nest and to formulate a battle strategy. Upon doing so I saw eight shiny coiled up objects midway under the porch. “Copperheads” I thought, “baby copperheads.” I called to Sandy to “bring me my shotgun,” which is a double barreled .12 gauge. In my excitement I took no thought of what was on the other side of the porch thirty-six feet away: our automobile!

      While Sandy was retrieving the gun and shells, it gave me just enough time to come to my senses (not full sense, just partly, as I still did not think of my car’s tires!). Finally, I reasoned, “Those are not copperheads, I bet those are the flattened out aluminum cans for recycling that the wind has blown under the porch.”  It turned out they were not copperheads, but “aluminum-heads.” When I got up from the ground and saw the car, only then did I realize that I barely escaped from blowing my tires off. It pays to think and investigate carefully in all matters. Also, I don’t think I would have appreciated the yellow jacket’s response to the .12 gauge going off just inches under their peaceful home.