Church of Christ
Mission USA

      Greetings to you all from the snowy and cold Shenandoah Valley.  Most of you have received plenty of snow and cold this winter, thanks to global warming – what a political hoax. It is sad but there are ungodly politics even in the church. We must ever be on guard against it and never be a part of it.  

      We have been very busy planning our summer’s work which involves a lot of things. We have ordered 10,000 each of five different tracts and 1,000 DVDs. The plastic doorknob bags will be ordered as needed and our introduction page will be printed by the Graymere congregation in Columbia TN. The senior citizens there (and other volunteers) will place the material in the plastic bags for us and ship to us as needed. We are very thankful for the Graymere congregation for volunteering to do these things. We appreciate Tammy and Michael Knox for helping to bring this about. Sandy and the ladies here have been preparing the material that was left over from last year’s work which is around 1,700 handouts. 

      Funds are needed for the work. The cost of the material so far is around $3,640 plus the bags and shipping to us. The material we are using this year consists of 5 tracts; our introduction page; the plastic bag. All of this, at an estimated cost of 35 cents for each household. Ordering in quantity helps reduce the cost some. If we leave a DVD it is an extra dollar per household. This is a very reasonable cost and the material is very valuable! We have dropped a couple of tracts since we began, because they were just too expensive for no more than what they were. However, in the 1,700 packets we put together here we have included two extra random tracts that we have here at Shenandoah. We may also add another tract to the 10,000 packets yet to do. That makes about 11,700 packets to hand out. I am not saying we will be able to pass this many out this summer, but we will work toward that goal. It also depends on how much help we may get. We want to be prepared with enough material for volunteer workers.

      We are planning on leaving here in April and heading toward Minnesota. We will stop at a few congregations on the way that would like for us to. Please pray for our trip and especially our work.

      We are very thankful for each member of the church here and it will be hard to leave in many ways, but we are anxious to get on to new ground. We are so thankful that we knocked on Mildred’s door last summer, even if she did have a wasp’s nest at her light fixture beside the door, ha! Since her conversion she has not forsaken a single service. She also has been meeting us at the nursing home every week for the study there, and I am thankful for her moral support. Much could be said about the studies there, but the bottom line is, it is just a rejection of the truth. One wanted to be baptized, but his wife (his guardian) refuses it, saying the water would kill him because of his health problems. I do not feel he knows enough to be baptized, and so I keep on teaching the truth on the church and salvation from different standpoints. The nursing home activity co-coordinator wanted me to back off teaching on such things.  I told her I could not do so, and I have not. I do pray that they who have the DVD will watch and study it.

      We hope, pray and trust that we will find more honest hearted people in those towns and counties where the true church does not exist. Please pray for our efforts and help the work financially all you can.

      We are thankful for each one of you and are very grateful for your prayers and financial support of us and the work.  We know that we could not do this work without God’s grace and your help. 

In His service,           
Perry & Sandy                                     2010, 1 Jrnl