Church of Christ
Mission USA

Whither we goest, thou goest: by your prayers and financial support

            Greetings to you all from Atmore, AL.  If you desire a visit from us in December we will do our best to oblige, but please let us know soon so we can work on a schedule.  I could make a visit the week of the 19th or the 26th if you would like, otherwise I will try to make some new contacts during this time.  Sunday evening January the 2nd is already filled and after that we need to head on to our new work area for the winter.  Please see our “Bulletin Board” on our website for current work locations and future plans that may be posted, or better yet email or call me.  We plan on working here at Atmore, AL until the 15th of December and then taking the MH to Red Bay, AL for some more warranty work due to the leak we had.  I sure want to get it all fixed while the warranty will still cover it. 

            One of the members of the Atmore congregation owns a small campground so we have moved here to be closer to our work area.  We like it better here because we now have cell phone service and we have the place pretty much to ourselves.  The church at Atmore is paying for our rent and also gave us $1,000 toward other expenses.  This shows their appreciation for what we are doing.  We greatly appreciate this and it came at a very good time.  Even though we are some closer, we still have to drive 23 miles to get to the town of Atmore.

            The work is going very well.  We have included a brochure that the Atmore congregation has made up in the material that we pass out.  It is a very good brochure telling about the church at Atmore, and also dealing with plain simple Bible teaching about the church and the plan of salvation.  At most of the doors we knock, we are being received friendly and many thank us for coming by.  The seed of the kingdom is being sown and we know that God will give the increase in due season (1 Cor. 3:6,7).  We trust God and follow His plan in all things: we know the power is in God’s Word (Rom. 1:16); we do not add gimmicks or compromise God’s Word; we simply do the work and present the truth in a very positive manner.  We see signs of interest and have marked several for a revisit whenever they have had time to read and consider the material.  Please pray for the church at Atmore and for our efforts here that it will bring forth much good. 

            The houses here are spread out much more than in Fairmont.  Some businesses are scattered among the houses in several areas.  The other day, as we were going around a block, we walked all the way down one street to find mostly businesses and only one house, but we got that house.  We have to work a little harder here to knock the doors.  We need the extra walking (for health I suppose), but we don’t get as many doors in the same length of time as when the houses are closer together.

            I don’t think I have ever seen so many denominations in any one area, especially for a town this size.  There is almost a church building around every corner.  One Baptist lady we spoke with told us that their attendance has been way down, and that the Baptists joined forces this summer and door knocked the town inviting folks to their Bible study.  We also found material at some doors where the Jehovah's Witnesses had been.  It is a shame when the denominations can be an example to us, the true church, in evangelization!
            October’s totals: 561 miles; 1 BCC; 1 spot study; 33 DVDs; 561 pks passed out; 7 refused material; 568 total doors.  (We give our mileage but not our footsteps.  I’ve often wondered how many.)

            We are very grateful for your prayers and financial support of us and the work, making it possible for many households to learn and obey the saving truth.

In His service,            
Perry & Sandy