Church of Christ
Mission USA

Whither we goest, thou goest: by your prayers and financial support

      Greetings: Sandy and I want to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season.   We hope you will be able to be with friends and family.  We are looking forward to being with ours.

      The weather has been good for door knocking with not too many rainy days.  Things continue to go well here and the true seed continues to be sown to many families.   Study with 3 Mormon “elders:” One morning when we got to our door knocking area we noticed three young men walking up the road and carrying what appeared to be Bibles.  We pulled off the road and watched them for awhile as they went to a couple of houses.  I was already thinking of confronting them for a study when Sandy spoke up and said we could ask them for a study (someone said “Great minds think alike.”).  I thought for a moment and told Sandy how I was going to approach them.  So when they came back up on the road I pulled up beside them and asked: “Are you all Jehovah Witnesses?”  Well, that got the ball rolling and I invited them to follow me to the church building for a study together.  One said they could spare a few minutes so off we went. 

      We all sat around a table and I asked them why they were Mormons.  The one who seemed to be the leader said before they answered could we have prayer and asked me to lead it.  After the prayer he asked one of the others to tell his story and I listened patiently as he explained the history of his conversion.  Afterwards I explained that what I was looking for was scriptural bases why they were Mormons.  In all three cases it boiled down to contact: One was raised a Mormon; the other two were invited to services, etc.  We can learn something here that I have been talking about a long time: every member needs to start inviting people to services and to study!  In fact, just the day before one nice lady talked about how good it was to be invited, and others have made similar statements. 

      The closest the Mormons came to a scriptural reason as to why they were Mormons, is that they prayed for guidance and the Holy Spirit guided them.  I hate to say this, but that sounds like some of our own brethren!  See article on the Holy Spirit and especially a future article I plan to do.  Well at this point I proceeded to give them scriptural reasons as to why I am a member of the church of Christ.  They had many good questions which gave me an opportunity to teach more truth; I dealt with the church, second chance for salvation, the miraculous, and no later day revelations, etc.  The few minutes for study turned into two hours of study, of which I did most of the talking.  We also gave each of them a packet of tracts, the DVD, my card, some websites, and a very sincere invitation to study again.  At the end of the study the leader again asked me to lead the prayer.  Please pray for them and all whom we contact.

      We had some bad news last month. Our health insurance increased from $300 to almost $900, but we took a lesser policy to get it down to $636.  This is really putting a tight squeeze on us.

      We also need to raise funds for material.  Here is what we commonly use: What must I Do To Be Saved? --Bill Jackson; Authority In Religion, Have You Counted The Cost If Your Soul Should Be Lost? Identifying The True Church -- Rod Rutherford (all three); Some Things You Should Know –Gospel Minutes; our Introduction page; my BCC, and the plastic bag.  Including the shipping I estimate each packet between 50 and 60 cents (it varies).  When we leave a DVD that is an extra $1.00.  Please help us provide this good sound material to people who, in many cases, may have never heard these great truths before. 

For the price of a McDonald’s double cheeseburger ($1) this excellent material can be placed into 2 households!

      Will you give 50 cents to provide this material to a household of souls for whom the Lord loved so much that He gave His life’s blood? 

How many households of souls can/will you help us reach?

      November’s door knocking totals: 826 doors knocked; 520 miles driven (We give our mileage but not our footsteps); 818 packets left; 46 DVDs left; 2 BCCs signed up; 8 refused the material.  This month’s cost of material: Packets of tracts $409 and DVDs $46 = total of $455 for the month.  Households reached: 818 with each soul worth more than the whole world (Matt. 16:26).  With an estimate of only 3 souls per household, that is potentially 2,454 souls (this past month alone) who have been given the opportunity to learn the truth.

      Congregation needed to receive and put our material together.  We are thankful for the seniors at the Graymere congregation for taking care of this in times past.  But our son-in-law who oversaw this will not presently be able to continue.  So we are in need of a congregation to volunteer to receive the tracts as we order them; insert the tracts into the plastic bags and mail them to us as needed.  This is a great work which most anyone can do and is a very great help to us in this evangelistic work.  The ones who do this will certainly be involved in a great work for the Lord.  Ten or so workers can do 1,000 plus in about an hour’s time.  We need about 1,000 for most months, less when the weather is bad a lot or when we change locations.  This is a great opportunity to do more work in the kingdom and have fellowship in helping to reach the lost with the saving gospel.  Please let me know of any questions you may have and if you are able to help us in this way.

      We are truly grateful for your prayers and financial support of us and the work and realize that we could not be doing this work without your financial support.

In His service,            

Perry & Sandy
2010, 12 SW    The “Gift of the Holy Spirit” in Acts 2:38?   (Part 4, Holy Spirit series; will be intermittent)