Church of Christ
Mission USA

On The Road With Mold
         We send this to you from Pecos, TX.  Since leaving Atmore, Al we went by our daughter’s (Tammy) house for Christmas.  Our other daughter Amy and her husband came also.  We were very glad to see all and had a good visit.  At this time we had the motorhome at Red Bay, AL getting some repairs done.  We left on the 28th to be at the Greenfield congregation on Wednesday and the Eva Road congregation on Sunday evening for work reports.  Sunday morning we worshiped with the Humboldt congregation.  We saw dear friends at each place – very encouraging visits.  As we travel on to our next work we want to make contact with several congregations concerning the work. 

         We have traveled I-40; I-30; I-20; and will be on I-10 the rest of the way.  We got the MH lubed and both vehicles inspected and for the first time ever, it was inspected by a judge.  Yep, the owner of the small one man business was also a judge.  By the way, this was near where Judge Roy Bean ruled.

         I think I have found the reason for my health problems last June and following – mold.  I would have coughing spells at night to where I would lose my breath and then just barely be able to get some air in -- it was not fun and I do not want to repeat it.  While at Tiffin they did a mold test.  They suggest a HEPA filter, but this seems like a temporary fix to me.  I have written Bob Tiffin a letter concerning it, so we will see what they decide to do.