Church of Christ
Mission USA
Whither we goest, thou goest: by your prayers and financial support
         Greetings to you all and we pray that you will have a prosperous New Year in the work of our Lord.  As we reflect back on our work to keep you informed, as to date we have passed out a total of 10,685 packets of tracts, 950 DVDs and have driven 6,874 miles in door knocking since 2008.  This is not counting the miles of the motorhome being moved to the work areas.  Keep in mind that we just started this work full time in May of 2010. 
         2010 totals are 6,557 packets of tracts; 179 DVDs; 2,456 miles driven in door knocking.  Others have been influenced by us to door knock as we have been influenced and encouraged by others.  That is how it should be. 
         Future work: we are presently en route to the Quartzsite, AZ area (see Journal).  There are several small congregations in that part of the state and also many snowbirders are there during the winter.  For example, Quartzsite has a population of 3,692 (2008), but in the winter months about 1.5 million visitors come through the area and most stay the winter.  Certainly there are not enough church buildings (even of the denominations) to accommodate those who would desire to worship.  Since the inception of this work, I have had my sights set on this area as I believe there should be good opportunities.  I think it would be a good area to bring in a tent for gospel meetings.  I will learn more when we get a chance to work in the area.
         We also have been in contact with a small congregation which is without a preacher in South Dakota.  We are making plans to work there for the summer months: preaching, teaching and door knocking their area as well as areas near them that are without the church.  There is no shortage of work to be done.  Please continue to pray for our efforts and for every good and sound effort of the brotherhood throughout the world.
         I like the printed page as it can stay in people's homes for even years and bring forth fruit.  Several weeks ago the Greenfield congregation received a request from a lady in Fairmont, MN (due to our efforts) for the BCC, DVD and a home study.  Greenfield sent her the DVD and lesson one of the BCC.  I contacted the preacher nearest them for a follow up and also sent the lady a personal letter.  Please pray for her and that there will be others also.  So far, one lady in Atmore, AL requested the BCC, DVD and a Bible.  She had already mailed in my BCC that we put in the packet.  Sandy and I hand delivered the Bible to her.  It has been our experience when we were handling the BCCs (grading and mailing, etc.) that some may not send in for a lesson for a long time, or return their lesson to be graded for several months.  There have been some that we thought had quit doing the lessons only to receive it back even up to three years later. One never knows their circumstances, but we know the power of the gospel (Rom. 1:16).
         Since doing this work full time since May we have experienced much more of what Jesus spoke in Mark 10:29,30.  One bad thing of the work is leaving new friends that we make in the congregations we worship with while door knocking near them or in their town.  We left Estherville unexpectedly because of my mother’s sickness so there was no known (in advance) last time there.  At Atmore our last time there was known and they gave us a “send off” which we appreciate.  Both congregations were very good to us and both helped financially in the work.  We hope to see them all again someday.  Totals at Atmore 1,362 miles; 109 dvds; 1,992 pks.
         Brethren we still have a need of funds for material!  At about 50 cents we can place this excellent material into a household of souls.  In many cases I am convinced it is the first time they have ever had such an opportunity to learn the truth.  Please help what you can and tell others also. 
         We also need a congregation to ready the material for us and ship it to us when needed.  This is a great work and is very much needed.  Almost anyone can do it.  It is an excellent opportunity for the whole church (young and old and all in between) to work together in this.  Call or email me if you have any questions.
         We are truly grateful for your prayers and financial support of us and the work.  You have a great part in our work and we appreciate it greatly.
In His service,
Perry & Sandy
2010, 12 Jrnl  On The Road With Mold