Church of Christ
Mission USA

Snow And More Snow, Cramped Quarters And Wrong Bread

      Last month as I was writing that report, we had some major snow. We had missed the 2 footer in December due to traveling to Tennessee, but received quite a sizeable snow the first week of February. We had about 8” on the ground and then we got 20+” over the weekend. Not knowing how much weight the motorhome can take, I decided to play it “safe” and shovel the snow off the roof. During the snow I got out my step ladder and had to stand on the tip top to shovel off the snow. Standing on top of a step ladder is not very “safe” is it? Especially when the snow is still falling and it is icy on top. Well the top of the ladder is about one foot square which helped. I did this twice and I’m glad I did, because the latter snow was very wet and heavy. Later that week, we received about 5” more. Wonder what the global warming fanatics are saying about all of this snow! These are the kinds of snows I have seen, at different times, all through my life. 

      Upon hearing about all the snow coming, we brought the slide-outs in. We were in cramped quarters for quite awhile! Sandy was saying how much different it is in the motorhome compared to a house, not as convenient or nearly as warm. A couple of mornings the temps were in the 50’s (at desktop level) when we got up. While we are slid in we have about 17 inches, in places, of walkway through the middle. We have to like one another pretty good, because there is no room for disagreements, ha! We’ve had one main slide-out in for well over a month now. Boy, it sure makes us happy when we have them all out.

      Ruby and James were snowed in for 2 Sundays. They live upon a mountain and they usually get several more inches of snow than we do here in the valley. Since we are beside the church building, we are not getting the kind of snow we would have if we still lived at our house on the mountain side. Even though we miss our peace and quiet there, it is nice to be close to the main road in this kind of weather.

      Time has flown by so quickly that it is hard to believe we only have a few more days left before we leave the Shenandoah Valley. We still have personal items to get rid of that we cannot take. We need to take a few heavy items from the church building here (song books, etc) and with our personal items that we must take, I fear we may be overloaded. I told Sandy that I can just leave her here if we are overloaded, but then when I thought more about it, I decided I had better take her. I need a dishwasher, cook, laundress, and someone to help me knock doors. She is a good and faithful helpmate.

Wrong Bread

      As in all things we can get into situations that may be embarrassing and hard to deal with. Many years ago I was serving the Lord’s Supper. Our order was: the Lord’s Supper and then after that we would take up the collection. One new convert, either not paying attention or overly anxious to give his offering, made a blunder. He was sitting on the end of the pew and as I offered the plate with the bread in it he threw in his cash donation, evidently without really looking. For a split second I was stunned and did not know what to do. I didn’t want to embarrass him, though he may have deserved it, but I had to do something! So, I bent over and whispered to him “Wrong bread.”