Church of Christ
Mission USA

      Greetings from Perry and Sandy. February 23 was my last time at the nursing home. I told them several times over the course of February that I would be glad to come back if any wanted a personal study, or if they had any questions. We have given them every opportunity. I gave Erica (the activities coordinator) my card with my email address and asked her to keep in touch with us, and if any of them ever had a question I would be glad to deal with it. I also gave her some material about the Seventh Day Adventists and told her that I would love to study with her anytime.

      Sandy, along with the help of Mildred, Francine and Ruby, has the door knocking bags ready. We have approximately 1,750 to carry with us to start our door knocking. The Graymere congregation will send more as we need them. We are hoping we will have good weather when we get to Minnesota as we are anxious to get started in the summer’s work. Sandy has been doing some research on the weather that is common for that area, and unlike here in Virginia, tornadoes are a common occurrence in southern MN. We hope we don’t experience any but if so, we will try to be prepared. I told Sandy, I would just grab Toto and fly off “over the rainbow.” We will not only miss the beauty of the mountains, but also the protection that they have given us from such severe weather. It will be hard to leave them, having lived in them most all our lives. But we are excited at the prospect of seeing new places, and especially seeing new faces who perhaps have never heard the truth. In the county we are going to, Martin County, there is no church of Christ in either surrounding county. 

      The Graymere congregation is planning on sending some workers later this summer. We greatly appreciate them for what they have done and plan to do. Hopefully, we can also have a gospel meeting when they come. When we get to MN our first priority is to get set up door knocking and then we will be looking for places to have a meeting. When the Graymere workers come, I think it would be good for them to follow-up on our work, which would give the people more contact with the church of Christ. Prior to the gospel meeting, the Graymere workers would come in behind us with brochures inviting the people to the meeting. By that time the people will have had time to read the material and watch the DVD (the ones who received it) which Sandy and I hope to pass out. The brochure and workers would call attention to our prior visit. More planting and watering.

      We are in need of more monthly support. When I leave here, I will be losing what the church at Shenandoah gives me. I need to make up around $1,800 a month. We will have expenses that we haven’t had in times past such as campground fees and traveling to work areas, etc. It’s a long way from here to TN and then onto MN. There are only 2 campgrounds in the area where we will be knocking so there isn’t much competition when it comes to pricing. The campgrounds tend to fill up pretty quickly in spring time so Sandy has reserved a space for us so we will be assured of someplace to park our house.

      By the time you read our next bulletin we will have embarked upon a completely different lifestyle. Yes we have been living in the MH for almost two years now, but we have always had a secure place to park it (a place we controlled). When we leave here we will be true sojourners. Some may say gypsies (I joke about this some). I like to keep in mind Hebrews 11 as we all should. Pray for us and the work, brethren.  

      We appreciate what all of you are doing to help us. Your contributions, no matter how small or large, are helping to spread the gospel by personal contact. We are very appreciative of your prayers and financial support of us and the work.

In His service,             Perry & Sandy2010, 2 Jrnl