Church of Christ
Mission USA

   The Lighter Side Of Sad Goodbyes: One of the saddest goodbyes Sandy and I have ever had was when we dropped off our firstborn at Freed Hardeman college. We unloaded her belongings, spent some time there with Tammy and composed ourselves as we said our goodbyes in the parking lot. It was very hard leaving her! We felt like someone who had just set out a defenseless little puppy.  Four or five miles on down the road it got even worse when I looked back in the mirror and saw Tammy, on foot gaining on us. I just eased down on the gas pedal until she vanished out of sight! You believe that? Actually, four or five miles down the road, after much sniffling, we pulled off the road and had a good cry. Life is mighty hard at times and sometimes we have to do some hard things.

   It was equally hard when we left our lastborn Amy, known now to most as Amantha, but she is still our Amy. Having been “broken in” somewhat when we left Tammy it was still hard leaving Amy but in a different way. It was hard because she was our last one and we had such a lonely house to go back to. In our goodbyes we talked of it not being long until college would be over and she would be back home with us again. But deep down, Sandy and I knew that that would probably not be the case, and it wasn’t. She was never home again as before.

      Not too “light” was it? I didn’t think so either. We are proud of both our daughters and now we have two granddaughters that we get to see sometimes. What a joy they are.