Church of Christ
Mission USA

      Goodbyes are always sad and it was certainly hard to say our goodbyes at Shenandoah. I will miss almost everything about the area; even the name, the beautiful valley, the mountains, but most of all the members there. I appreciate James leading the singing and assisting in most every area. I appreciate Ruby for being the secretary for the church and, of course, my personal secretary Sandy whom I have decided to retain, ha. We will not forget Francine; we will be reminded of her often as she added some pounds to us that we will carry for awhile to come, by the cakes she brought us and the turkeys and ham at Thanksgiving, etc. We will remember her and Ruby for their kindness and generosity. And Mildred, our last convert at Shenandoah: I regret not having more opportunity to ground her more in the faith, but trust she will continue to grow as well as all of us. I appreciate her support at the nursing home when, at times, I felt like I was among lions who desired to rip me apart. My faithful helpmeet was there also, but Mildred added to the support for which I am grateful. I will miss us going to the local McDonalds afterwards for coffee and apple pies and discussing the study.

      I will remember, among many things, James and Ruby helping me place about 16 tons of rock on the dirt banks: mostly one stone at a time. Sometimes we cheated but it didn’t work well. I will remember all of them working on the Good News paper (including Lois, who has gone to her reward): at first, all of us folding it by hand and then Sandy and I folding them by a small folding machine that the Elkmont congregation got for us. We upped the monthly printing to 6,310 plus on occasions we would do many thousands more for nearby counties without the church – doing what we could to spread the truth. Sandy did most of the printing; Tammy did it while she was here. That was 6,310 papers consisting of the main page and two inserts which made for 37,860 runs every month (it took several hours and sometimes some headaches). And then Sandy and I would fold the 6,310 main pages and then every member would help insert the two extra pages. We did this every month for several years. We appreciate the members and will not forget their work, and I am certain the Lord will not forget. We pray for them that they, and we also, will remain faithful to the Lord and that it will not be a goodbye forever (see article). We do hope to see them again in this lifetime, but especially in the next.

      Our last service at Shenandoah was on Monday March the 29th. We finished our packing and taking care of business the following days and pulled out Friday morning about 5 a.m. We had an appointment to get the MH serviced and spent the night there and Saturday went on down to Collinsville, VA and spent the night in the church’s parking lot. Welcome to the new life, sojourner! I spoke there Sunday morning. We appreciate the contributions they have given to help seek and save the lost in those counties without the church. [next month]

      We received a letter from Paul and Shirley Peterson the other day. Brother Peterson has lung cancer as well as some other health problems. The doctors are not going to give him chemo but are having him take pills that cost $7,000 a month, if I remember correctly. They have had to pay out of pocket but are trying to get other arrangements made so they can have help with his medicine. In the letter we received from them, their only request was for our prayers. We solicit your prayers on their behalf. A couple of weeks later we received another note and a contribution to MUSA from brother and sister Peterson. Even in their need they have the desire to help in the spreading of the gospel. We feel blessed to have met Paul and Shirley Peterson: the inspiration they have given us. What a fine example of Christianity. While many hoard up in their abundance these give in their need. We only met them the one time that they visited with the church at Shenandoah. We gave them a work plan and soon after received a check for $500 for MUSA.  We are thankful for such dedicated people and hope they, and all who give to the work, will realize that they are with us each time we “Go” knock doors. Please continue to remember the Petersons in your prayers. I trust they will not be upset with me for sharing this with you all as it is a great example.

      We are very grateful for your prayers and financial support of us and the work. If you know of others who may be able to help in this work please pass this information on.

In His service,
Perry & Sandy

 2010, 3 Jrnl  For a lighter side to goodbyes.