Church of Christ
Mission USA

Whither we goest, thou goest also: by your prayers and financial support

      Greetings to you all from Fairmont, MN. April was a very full and busy month. We left Shenandoah, VA on Friday April the 2nd and arrived in Minnesota on Friday April the 29th. We drove the MH 1,939 miles; diesel cost $734.48; camping fees $309.94. Plus we drove our car 697 miles going to the congregations. In between destinations: we over-nighted in parking lots such as Wal-Mart, restaurants and some church parking lots where I spoke. We did this in order to save time and money. This helps to offset the high price of camping fees. When we were to be in an area for a few days we stayed in campgrounds. I spoke at eleven congregations presenting our work and one time to a group of seniors (the group who has volunteered to get our material ready – we appreciate them very much).

      Congregations and individuals alike gave us money for the work, our travels, etc. When asked whom to make the check out to, I said to Mission USA and we sent them on to Greenfield. Following are those checks: $500 from Gary Hollandsworth; $500 from Mason Wiley. The checks made out to me or cash given to me, we kept and are applying it to our salary. Here is that list (churches first, then individuals): $200 Collinsville; $75 Floyd; $100 Stiversville; $500 Mars Hill; $250 Tupelo (East Main); $15 cash from a brother there “for a hamburger” (I am sorry I did not get his name, but we appreciate it very much); $50 cash, Judy Thomas; $200 check, Tom Yates; $50 check, Ann Chaney; $20 cash, Joyce Gwaltney; $100 cash, Dan Medling. I know that several meant this to be beyond and above our salary for our added expenses of travel, etc. and we appreciate that very much, but I determined to pay for these things out of my salary as long as possible. Some asked why. I said “I need salary to buy celery with.” The above total helped to make up our salary for July with a total of $1,560.  Thank you all very much.

      As far as monthly support, come July I will lose $1,755 a month on salary from Shenandoah because I am no longer working there. They were gracious enough and had enough money to pay me through June. Some of this loss has been made up by individuals, which we appreciate very much. The best I can tell now we are in need of about $1,000 a month personal support. Of course any over and above this will be held for future needs such as material. We need to build up our funds for the work. Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated and if you can give on a monthly basis it will help us to know what to expect in order to make our future plans.

      We are thankful for the hospitality shown to us in many ways: parking the MH in your lots, the meals, the offer by Rick and Maxine to share their storm shelter during a tornado watch, the dear sisters who offered to make us a quilt, and most of all the encouraging words from so many. We are thankful for you all – it is truly a great blessing to be in the family of God. We would like to get to know more of you better.

      Brethren, I want you all to know that we are trying to hold our costs down in order to continue to do this much needed and very biblical work (study what Jesus said to do and then what they did in the book of Acts; chapter 8 is a good summary). Since we have been in MN we have not yet used any heat.  I am still sitting at my desk (in the early mornings) with a blanket wrapped around my legs (I may have to drag out the old sleeping bag again) and my down coat draped over my shoulders. It has been about 57 degrees at my desk each morning. As seen above, we are bearing almost all our expenses in the work from my salary. Brother Smith who gives $20 as he is able for “gas money,” I count as salary also. I also paid for the website and many other things. I paid for the first used projector, but it did not work out. I had to buy a new projector and Shenandoah volunteered and graciously reimbursed us for the new projector; $682.49.

      Our contributions are sent to Greenfield, our sponsoring congregation, before the first of each month and dated for each Sunday. We worshipped Sunday with a small congregation in Iowa about fifty-five minutes from us. We were received very well and I am to present the work plan to them next Sunday. Wednesday we plan to visit with a small congregation about an hour north of us. These are the two closest congregations.

      We have checked out the town enough to begin door knocking as soon as the weather co-operates; it has been cool and very windy (not good for door knocking – keep in mind we are in MN). As we door knock we will also be looking for a place to have a gospel meeting. We will also be planning the winter’s work as we have opportunity and even be looking into next summer’s work. There is a world of work to do!

      Please note: Brethren, if you know of a place we should consider going to for the winter (even helping a small congregation without a preacher or door knocking) we would give serious consideration to it. And the same for next summer: If you know of a town without the church that has not been evangelized for some time; a town close enough for you all to help also we would consider that.

      We are so very grateful to be here doing what we have planned for so long. After having overcome many obstacles, we know there will be more difficulties as in any good work. We are thankful for your prayers and financial support of us and the work.

In His service,            
Perry & Sandy

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