Church of Christ
Mission USA

Hypocrites; Encounter With A Sniper; The Wave-Off; Paid In Candy; The Challenge

       I bought a new pair of shoes when we first got here to rotate in door knocking, but I knew better than to wear them right off door knocking. So I wore them walking around the campground meeting folks. We try to do this often as we have a lot of folks in transit. We try to give them a card and invite them to their local church of Christ. The plan of salvation is on the back of the card. This way we spread a little seed far and wide. Remember a little seed can sometimes bear much fruit. I hope they will remember our friendliness and make a visit. Even in trying to break in the shoes I still got a blister on my heel and still haven’t gotten those shoes broken in yet. I think they just want to sit around and look good and do no work! Like some folks?

      Speaking of hypocrites, let me tell you about a little cute dog. He was tied outside, I suppose with orders to  guard the place. As we walked up he said nothing and showed no emotions one way or the other, but did back off some. No one answered the door so we hung the material and left. When we got past the little dog, he started in barking with his whole heart and would occasionally look at the house as if to say “Hey, look at me, ain’t I doing a great job!” That little deceiving dog; unfortunately there’s a lot of people like that.

      At another house, a man informed me very abruptly that he was a sniper in the army and had killed 101 people. I, somewhat stunned, thanked him for his service to our country as I was backing off like the little dog did. For the next several houses I kept looking back and up in the trees. I did not feel like being the 102nd one on that particular day (ha). I don’t think his cartridge went all the way in. Seriously, I do appreciate his service to our country and obviously he has some effects from the war. I hope so, or else he seems just down right mean.

      I think I know a little how the navy pilots on a carrier must feel. Here we have experienced the “wave-off” much more than in the south. So we just fly on to the next door and try again! In those cases we wish they had not come to the door. In that event we could have left the material and perhaps when they retrieve it they might read enough to catch their interest (we hope and pray). The introduction page faces out which reads: “Greetings” (in large letters) and the first line is: “Do you realize that you can be a member of the very church Jesus built (Matthew 16:18), the church of Christ?…” If anyone has a suggestion for the first line or entire page, please let us know. We would love to consider it. We are always looking to do things better.

      An 80 year old man came to the door; he very politely refused the material though I tried hard (some people we do try more than others depending on their attitude). He barely opened the door and I could not hear him well, but he wanted to give me something, what, I did not know. But I politely held out my hand and he dropped two pieces of candy in it and wished us well: “Paid in candy” I thought – some are not so kind!

      A man in his thirties came to the door and challenged me on baptism. As we discussed the matter he said “Do you know what Eph. 2:8 says?” I quoted it for him and explained the all important context. He rebutted with more denominational error so I asked him: “What does Hebrews 5:9 say?” He didn’t know, so I quoted that for him and asked him “What does Matthew 7:21 say?” Again he didn’t know so I quoted the passage and emphasized the importance of obeying God and that “faith only” salvation was not from God. He said more or less that I was the devil and had made him feel bad. However, he did take the material and DVD. Pray for him!

     As I approached one “lady” sitting in her yard I asked: “Are enjoying this fine sunshine?” The gleeful reply from the Methodist was: “Oh “h…” yes.” Oh what perverted religion!  Please pray for all!

      We have moved: In order to get by cheaper, we pay our space rental by the month; so before our month was up we located another campground on the other side of town (about 9 miles). This puts us closer now to where we worship and to our delight the water is much better and the rates lower.  Wish we had known before!  We now live in Welcome, MN.  We like that name and are hoping they will make us “welcome” when we knock doors in this town later on in the summer.