Church of Christ
Mission USA

Whither we goest, thou goest: by your prayers and financial support

      Greetings to you all from Fairmont, MN. The first two weeks of May we did not have suitable weather for door knocking, except for two days. We did get the house set up and some research and writing done. We have decided to attend a small congregation in Iowa about 55 minutes from us. They have received us well. At the preachers request, the second Sunday we were here, I presented our work plan to the congregation during the worship services so more would hear it. I am also teaching the adult class on Sunday morning and I am to preach some also.

      Overall, the door knocking has gone well. We do seem to have many more refusals here than in the south and some here are not as friendly. Closed mindedness is everywhere! For various reasons, sometimes we will just hang the material without knocking. At least they are getting the very good material.

      May’s door knocking totals: 878 doors knocked; 184 miles driven; 834 packets left; 44 DVDs left; 5 BCCs signed up; 44 refused the material.

      We have placed newspaper ads in the local paper advertizing the Bible Correspondence Courses (BCCs). One of the key elements of one obtaining salvation is “desire.” One must have a desire for the truth and for salvation as the disciples did in Matthew 13. At the door we do not push the BCCs and very seldom get a chance to mention them. We tell about the BCCs some in the material and have a coupon for them to send in for the course. Over many years of doing the BCCs, we have found that those who take the courses from their own initiative, are the ones most likely to continue the courses and may even be converted. Pray with us that some will have this kind of desire.

      Even though the people must have the desire for truth and should be seeking it fervently (Matt. 7:7,8), we must not forget that we must also have a desire to do God’s will in all things which includes seeking the lost. We sow the good seed and eventually it will take root in the honest and good heart (Luke 8:15). Having been here this short period of time shows me first hand that much more needs to be done in every town without the church. There is much to do and it is just a matter of choosing to do it. Please continue to pray for our efforts in sowing the Word here and pray for every good and sound work throughout the world. 

      We encountered a Baptist preacher in a small town where, to our remembrance, this is the only church there. He and I discussed matters for many minutes. He did as they all do: jump from place to place. I asked him several times about getting together for a real study. He refused and also refused the material. Some of the subjects we dealt with are printed in the Words of Life bulletin. I intend to take the material in this bulletin and revise it some for a new introduction page just for that town and enclose some suitable tracts and re-hang the town. Also, I will be challenging the Baptist preacher for a public discussion. So, if any of you want to volunteer to be on standby to debate him or one of theirs, let me know. I will be suggesting a date sometime in August.

      We have found a couple of places suitable to hold a gospel meeting for about 3 nights. Michael Knox will do the speaking; I will be on hand to help take any questions, etc. afterwards. We will advertize in the paper and hang some invitations on the doors. We do need to do all we can while we are here. There are many places like this that is overflowing with error. We must go to them all and give them the opportunity of salvation also.

      We are very grateful for your prayers and financial support of us and the work. You are helping us to sow the good seed in an area that needs it so very much.

In His service,             Perry & Sandy