Church of Christ
Mission USA

Whither we goest, thou goest: by your prayers and financial support

Greetings to you all from the windy prairie of Fairmont, MN.  It is little wonder so many wind turbines and wind farms are located in this part of the world.  They sure are something to see up close.  We have a single wind turbine in sight of where we now live.  I think this one is 300’ tall with three blades of 110’ each.  But, the wind does not make for good door knocking, especially at houses with no good secure place to hang the material.  Also, this summer so far has been unusually rainy and stormy (see journal below).  So our door knocking has been hindered somewhat, but we have plenty of things to do: writing and revising material as needed, preparing Bible lessons and sermons for Sunday, planning future work, etc. etc.  It is never ending.  There is plenty of work to do and work for everyone. It is our choice as to how much work you and I want to do in the kingdom of God.  Let us all choose wisely!

So far this summer (through June), packages of very good material have been left at 1,905 residences.  The truth about salvation, the church, etc. is being presented to them.  I have also written the first of a series of BCCs that are going into each package.  Our new and revised introduction page faces out and the BCC faces out the other side, with the other tracts in between.  After a short introduction to the BCC there are three questions visible at the bottom.  When I get a chance, I point the first question out and try to create an interest.  It is: “Will the majority be saved (Matthew 7:13, 14)?  This is a good attention getter and conversation starter.  

I hope to accomplish at least the following things with the first lesson: show the people that they can understand the Bible for themselves (they are simple, but sobering questions with scriptural references; so they can know it is God’s answer, not man’s); it is cheap enough that we can put it in every package for them to see and hopefully, create an interest to at least read the sobering questions and perhaps send in for lesson two.  If that occurs, and if possible, we plan to hand deliver the second lesson and make a short friendly visit. 

There is a great need in these places where the church is not and in the few and scattered churches of Christ that are around (see attached letter).  The gospel must go out in every way possible.  As we know, we must obey God and evangelize.  We must be concerned for the lost in these many such places.  As an added benefit, if this country will turn around it will do so only by the proclamation of the gospel and people believing and obeying it.  But also, there needs to be a great revival in the church today.  It amazes me how many live just like the world and vote like the world for selfish reasons (cp. 1 John 2:15-17) and think nothing of evangelizing.  However, they are evangelizing, but for Satan, not God! 

Our gospel meeting dates: August 29th – 31stVolunteer door knockers could come anytime during the week of the 22nd (or sooner) and go on for vacation to Mount Rushmore (about 7 hours), Mall of America (about 2 hours and 15 minutes), etc.  I know that it is a long way to come here for all of you, but if you ever wanted to see Mount Rushmore, etc., it would be a very good time to do so, and come by here and help further in the Lord’s work.  There is certainly nothing wrong with making one trip serve two purposes, especially if one involves church work.  Let us know if you plan to come so we can plan how meeting ads to print.

We are so thankful for your help in this great endeavor.  We appreciate the church at Greenfield and the elders sponsoring this work.  We are especially thankful for Max Crouse who is our contact elder.  We appreciate our daughters, Tammy & Amy and their husbands, Michael & Peter Ray for their work and suggestions on our new intro pages. And Tammy & Michael in printing the BCC’s and intro pages and taking care of mailing out the material to us and for Graymere paying for this.  I appreciate Tammy and Amy’s mother also, Sandy (she happens to be my wife of almost 37 years) for all of her work: walking with me; proofing my articles, etc. and still has the household chores to do (no dishwasher!).  We appreciate the senior citizens of the kingdom also at Graymere who are preparing the material for us.  Also for Larry and Gayle Benderman who came from the Stiversville congregation to help.  Good logistics is very necessary to our work.  We are so thankful for your contributions to this work: every congregation and every individual.  Your contributions make you to have a very real part in our evangelistic work (Phil. 1:5; Phil. 4:17; 2 Cor. 6:1); in these very hard areas which are without the church and so desperately need the truth, and in adjoining areas where the church is so small.  Thank you all for your support, work, and prayers.

The congregation at Estherville is sending out 2,000 House to House into the Fairmont area advertizing our gospel meeting.  We appreciate this very much.  They plan also to help us pass out invitations from door to door and support the meeting.  I suggested they also have a tract with directions to their location and times of services, etc.

The Baptist preacher has been challenged to a public discussion.  It was exactly one month to the day from our first encounter with him.  By the time we got the special material ordered, wrote the BCC, received the new intro page and got a good day to go back there it was exactly one month.  We passed out the material in the same order as we did before and therefore hit his house last.  He was home and came out before we knocked.  I reintroduced myself and Sandy and handed him the material and said that I was challenging him to a friendly public discussion.  Unlike before, this time he was very quiet.  He began reading the material, so I told him my email was in the material and hoped to hear from him soon.  I shook his hand and wished him a good day.  He replied something like “You too.” Sandy said “Bye,” he said nothing else.  It was a solemn time.  We both actually felt bad about putting him on such a spot, but believe it is necessary (Jude 3).  Brethren, please pray for him.  It would be wonderful to convert him, and he has enough material to learn the truth if he has an honest heart.  And so does the whole town – with double and different material than before.

June’s totals: 319 miles; 2 spot studies; 21 dvds; 1,071 pks; 20 refused material; 1,091 total doors.

We are very thankful for you and covet your prayers.

In His service,            
Perry & Sandy