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Mission USA

Mosquitoes; Fast Doctors
         It may be the land of 10,000 lakes (more like 13,000, I have read), but it also must be home to 10,000 zillion mosquitoes!  And not only numerous, but large: one fellow said they were so large that they were required to have landing lights.  I know this: they can tear you up!  And they act like they own you – like they purchased you from a meat house for their own private blood bank!  For my birthday, we went to a state park and many mosquitoes even got in the car and came home with us.  They must have liked what they saw.  We sure did not like what they did to us.

         The end of June and the first part of July found me not doing so well.  I thought it was just a chest cold, but later the doctor (when I finally went) affirmed it was, at least, bronchitis.  Now let me say that some amazing things go on in this world.  The world sure is changing, at least for me.  Being an old country boy and having lived on my own land I never dreamed of going to Wal-Mart and buying dirt in little plastic bags!  Yet, about 9 years ago I found myself in a situation where I did that very thing.  But even that did not prepare me for going to a doctor (actually, a nurse practitioner) at Wal-Mart.  Sandy did some checking and I decided to go there.  When we got there the two nurses were out front in their little cubbyhole—no patients in sight.  I told them of my chest problem and sore throat.  The one who turned out to be the main nurse said, “Oh, great,” with a glee in her voice and eyes that troubled me not a little bit!  Now I was even more cautious!  I felt like some kind of a guinea pig and judging by the looks on the regular Wal-Mart customer’s faces, I think they thought so too.

         Actually, it turned out very well.  The only complaint that I do have is being made a spectator of all those regular Wal-Mart customers while in the “waiting room” – a man should have some privacy at times like this!  Otherwise, it works out well for us being out of state.  At a regular doctor’s office it would have cost $100 extra just for a first time patient and more for the visit, whereas this just cost $59.  Well, if you can’t beat them, join them: so, I can’t wait until the Dollar Tree starts having their own clinics.  Imagine, a doctor’s visit for only a dollar!  Man, we would have it almost as good as the illegals.  Well, I did have to go back a second time to the Wal-Mart doctor, but I am doing a lot better now.  She gave me a stronger antibiotic and some other stuff.  We are wondering if it is something up here (such as all the corn fields) that is causing me this trouble.  The air quality is different from what we are used to: all the sprays, fertilizers, etc.  There are few trees in this area also to filter out the impurities: not like the mountains of Virginia.