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The Fruits Of Error On The Holy Spirit

(Part 1, Holy Spirit series; will be intermittent)

by Perry Sexton

            One does not have to be a prophet in order to see the dangers that may come about by certain errors.  For example, suppose the error is sown in the hearts of men that it really doesn’t matter if we use mechanical instruments of music in worship to God.  What do you think will follow?  It is most obvious isn’t it?  Furthermore it is factual.  Many have done that very thing.  A little common sense goes a long way and especially when coupled with truth.  For those who believe in a personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit the question has long been: “What does the Holy Spirit do for us by personally indwelling our bodies?”  Through the years those holding to personal indwelling have been faced with this question and more such as: What does the Holy Spirit do separate and apart from the Word of God?  If nothing, as far as what is revealed to us, than why does He personally indwell us?  Just what is the Holy Spirit doing in us personally?  To be sure it is a great dilemma.  Does the Holy Spirit dwell in the Christian personally, but does nothing more than what the Word of God does?  If so, what a great waste!  I don’t think anyone can prove that God is a waster and I hope no brother would even attempt to. 

            So the pressure has been on those (and should be) who promote the personal indwelling, to have the Holy Spirit do something more than what the Word of God does.  I am not aware of what all is being taught by brethren, but I have heard some things which are not surprising at all.  After all, when you open the flood gates of error, what happens?  I will not comment on the hearsays, but I will comment on what one brother wrote to me.  I had asked the question back in February 2010: “Please explain exactly how the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirits.”  His statement was in the context of him “proving” the personal indwelling.  From his forthcoming commentary, part of the brother’s copied answer was: “The Spirit leads by his inspired word (Eph. 6:17), and by the mysterious “nudgings” of providence (cf. Acts 14:27; 1 Cor. 16:9).”  The first part is right, but the second part we had better hold onto our seats awhile longer; don’t take any sudden leaps!  Now to be sure, I believe in the great providence of God, because we have Bible for such.  Please study his statement and verses.

            I find no Bible for the “nudgings.”  Brethren, should we have Bible for everything we believe?  A resounding YES!  Please do not swallow every doctrine that comes along by the scholars.  Go to the Bible.  Yes, brethren can help, but the final word must be God’s and clearly stated.  Look again to his statement; the verses cited by no means prove what the brother states.  Feel free to contact me on this matter.  ♥
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