Church of Christ
Mission USA

Whither we goest, thou goest: by your prayers and financial support

         Greetings from the land of 10,000 lakes.  Not only has the weather hindered us from door knocking but so has my health (see journal).  But thanks to my good help meet (Gen. 2:18), the tally (you might say) has not suffered much.  For most of the month of June I kept getting more and more congested and finally did not work on 6-30, at least outdoors, because of feeling so poorly.  We did work the next day (7-1), but only a little over half of what we normally do.  That is the last time I passed out any material (except for just a few houses) until August the 4th.  I drove and “rode shotgun” for Sandy – keeping a close eye on her.  Not that I thought she would run away, but because of evil people.  We had gotten an ugly email on 7-1 from one house we left material at, and about the same time Greenfield got an ugly telephone call.  Thanks mostly to Sandy, the July’s totals: 222 miles; 804 pks; 7 refused material; 811 total doors.

          We are looking forward to Tammy, Michael and our granddaughters coming the end of this month.  Michael is holding our gospel meeting (Aug. 29-31).  He is coming at his own expense, and it will be an expensive trip.  It is about 1,800 miles round trip from here to Mt. Pleasant, TN.  If any of you would like to help him out financially, I know he would appreciate it.  You can let us know and we will tell you where to send it. We have rented a nice facility in the heart of downtown Fairmont.  We have 1,000 invitations to pass out.  In our invitation packet, we have the meeting ad, a correspondence course that I made up and the tract: “Come and See” written by Garland Elkins.  These tracts were donated by the Floyd congregation in Floyd, Virginia.  We greatly appreciate them sending the tracts to us.  We are also advertising the meeting in the local newspaper.  The Estherville congregation was so gracious as to have 1,000 of the “House to House” papers sent to  Fairmont advertising the meeting as well. We are excited about the meeting and solicit your prayers that we will have some from the community visit with us.  If they don’t come, it won’t be because they weren’t invited! Also, please pray for Tammy and Michael’s safe trip to us.  We may go on to Mt. Rushmore for the remainder of the week (Wed. – Sat.)

         Brethren, there is a great need to evangelize in these counties without the church and where the church is weak.  Evangelism is an open door itself.  I think we can compare it to helping the poor; as Jesus said: “For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always” (Mark 14:7).  We have the lost with us always and in every country and on every social level.  We can evangelize whenever we want to – IF we want to.  And there are so many ways and things we can do to help spread the saving truth to the world, but there are adversaries (1 Cor. 16:9) – sadly some are in the church.

         On Saturday, Aug. 7th, during the “Sweet Corn Days” parade in Estherville, Iowa, Sandy and I helped one of the church members pass out information concerning LUV Iowa (Let Us Vote Iowa).  This group is trying to educate the people of Iowa and encourage them to vote to amend the same sex marriage law that was unconstitutionally put in place 4-3-2009.  Six homosexual couples challenged the Defense of Marriage Act as being unconstitutional.  Seven liberal state supreme judges agreed and now any county in Iowa that denies a marriage license to a same sex couple will be charged with discrimination.  It is basically the same thing that is going on in California right now.  All of us need to take a firm stand against such evils.  The reason the homosexuals have gotten such a hold in this country is because “good moral” people have sat by and said nothing and done nothing (apathy).  By the way, if Sandy and I hadn’t helped this couple, the sister would have been all alone passing out the material.  Her husband drove the pickup with the sign depicting marriage between a man and a woman along with the website.  We appreciate this couple and their courage to take a stand.  

         I am pleased and thankful to God for the opportunity to help strengthen the church at Estherville.  Steve, the preacher there said I could take either preaching service I wanted to; I chose the evening services since I am a visitor.  However, I was not able to teach or preach for the month of July because of illness, but since then have resumed both.  I was surprised when Steve announced Wednesday night that all classes would be in my class on Sunday mornings because he felt like all needed to hear my lessons.  I was surprised again Sunday after my sermon when Steve told me he wanted me to preach it again on a Sunday morning, and also the sermon I did the Sunday before because he said all members needed to hear them.  Brethren, I point this out to show further the great need in these areas.  I suspect in most counties without the church, you will find that the closest church will also be weak and in need of help.  Of course, as we found two congregations in MN, they may not want any outside help because of complacency.  Steve is to be commended for his good attitude. 

         We are very thankful for you and covet your prayers.  We greatly appreciate the senior group from Graymere for their continued work in stuffing the bags and getting them ready for us to hand out.  We are thankful for you who support us financially.  We are still in need of monthly support. If you know of someone who may be able to help us, please pass our information on to them, or let us know and we will contact them.

In His service,

Perry & Sandy