Church of Christ
Mission USA

Whither we goest, thou goest: by your prayers and financial support

         Greetings from Parker, AZ; this is a small congregation in the area I mentioned last month.  We will be working with them for as long as it takes to door knock the area, or at least most of the area.  Like Quartzsite, they also have “snowbirders” for the winter, but there are more people who live here year round and therefore the congregation is here all year, unlike Quartzsite (see below).  Another congregation wants us to work in their area as well and we may be able to do so before we have to leave for the northern work for the summer.  That town is quite a bit larger than Parker (50,000 +), and we know we cannot work it all now, so we may be able to come back and finish it up next year. 

         The church at Quartzsite is small, but have many “snowbirders” who attend services there during the winter.  In fact they refer to it as the “snowbirders” church, since they do close the doors around May of each year, because most leave for cooler weather.  With the some 1.5 million visitors each year there is plenty of work to do here.  The one LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area – 7 months) had a permanent pavilion, I am sure the others do also.  It was being used by a denomination for services on Sunday.  I inquired and found the “preacher’s” MH was nearby so I went to see him, but he was gone.  I gave our packet to his wife along with the DVD.  By the way, our total numbers for material passed out does not include these random handouts as we seldom remember to list them (one good brother in TN took 30 + packets to hand out), so the material ordered will be more than we list as “handed out.”  On a Short Term Visitor Area (14 days) I saw a large tent and found out it was rented and got the contact number.  It also was used for religious services at least in part.  Brethren, as I suspected, there is much opportunity here as at other such places. 

         The door knocking at Quartzsite is not as good as at other places.  However, at a tent or pavilion banners could be out advertizing the church and the gospel meetings.  Also, booths could be set up and invitations passed out at different places.  I know many members of the church travel through and visit the area.  This would not be in competition with the church in town, but rather could help them greatly.  As I have time, I am planning on learning more about the possibilities, but one thing is already certain, workers are needed.  If your congregation is interested in possibly helping next year let me know, but understand it is not a “joyride”: it can be quite hot during the day, but cold at night, very congested, not many facilities and nearly always dusty.   

         One of our goals while traveling to work areas is to make contact with congregations for possible future work and also for those who may be able to help us (physically or financially) in the work as monthly contributions are still needed.  We do not take off months of work for the purpose of raising support as many missionaries have to do.  We try to combine everything to be as efficient as we can be.  It is necessary for us to make contacts so we do this as we travel to work areas. 

         One elder asked, “How much would it cost for you to come and work in our area?” “Nothing” I replied, and explained our situation of individuals and congregations who are concerned with evangelization and are generous enough to provide the material and salary for labor.  As many preachers, I have never charged for a gospel meeting or anything else and never intend to, but it is a fact that money is needed to carry on most good works.  Of the two congregations we have worked with so far, both have helped very generously in the work.  And at Estherville we were not even working in their immediate area.  Every mature Christian and congregation understands the biblical principles of Matthew 10:10; 1 Timothy 5:18; 1 Corinthians 9:3-14 (lead about a wife).  Sandy is not only with me as my wife, but as a worker in the kingdom: she is with me in the hot sun and walking the hard sidewalks, etc. and then she has the household chores to do, church research, proofing, etc.

         People do not change over night!  That was one of the hardest things for me to deal with in the early years as a preacher.  Often times we expect immediate results, but as Larry Benderman wrote: “…you have planted the seed, and I have no doubt that God will give the increase.  Sometimes, we want to see the Word "sprout" right now,…It may take years for results to be known.”  This is why I like printed material as it can stay in people’s homes for a long time.  Speaking of that, we have another person who sent in my BCC and did very well with it.  Please pray for all of our efforts.  Remember that it is God’s will that we pray for all such things. 

         The Mars Hill congregation has volunteered to take care of readying our material and shipping it to us as needed.  We are very thankful for this very important part of our work.  In the Army I was a property book clerk and know how important such work is, but others also realized the necessity of good logistic support and that is the ones on the receiving end.  As I remember, one of our mottos was something like “Just try fighting without us.”  Brethren, we are in the Lord’s Army and a far greater work than the physical army.  Again, we are very grateful for Mars Hill helping us in the Lord’s volunteer army.

         We still have the mold issue in the MH.  I don’t know if Tiffin is going to truly correct the problem or just cover it up.  To really fix the problem it seems to me like the whole roof, down to and including the ceiling, should be replaced and maybe even some of the walls.  If anyone is well informed on these things including any possible recourse, please let me know.

         Please help us provide this good sound material to people who, in many cases, may have never heard these great truths before.  For the price of a McDonald’s double cheeseburger ($1) this excellent material can be placed into 2 households!

         We are truly grateful for your prayers and financial support of us and the work and realize that we could not be doing this work without your financial support.

In His service,            
Perry & Sandy