Church of Christ
Mission USA

Whither we goest, thou goest: by your prayers and financial support

Greetings from your fellow workers in the kingdom.  Good sound material has been given to 871 households in Parker, AZ. thanks to your support which we greatly appreciate.  That covers the town very well.  I have had the opportunity to teach on Wednesday nights and fill-in preach and teach on Sundays.  One Sunday I preached twice here 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. and then presented our work to another congregation in the evening.  I am thankful my throat is doing much better or I would not have been able to hold out.  Since we are finished with Parker, we will be heading about 40 miles north to work with a congregation in Lake Havasu City.

The vicious dog: It is a shame that humans can be so bad!  One day while hanging the material on the doors, Sandy was across the street from me and as she walked upon the porch the white “lady” from inside the house said, “All I have to do is turn my dogs lose and it will be messy.”  Sandy thanked her and left.  Exactly what Sandy was thanking her for I am not sure!?  Speaking of dogs, one almost got me, but I managed to get out of his teeth’s reach by his chain catching him.  I am glad the chain held!

Many houses here are fenced in and several do have “no trespassing” signs, which we respect and comply with their request.  In talking with others, we have decided to mostly hang rather than knock here and also not go into their yards when they have gates closed.  We hang the material on their gates.  Our main goal is to get the good sound material before the people.  We still get to talk with some as they are on the outside and find it like most places: most are friendly, some are not.  And many seem to appreciate an invitation to services.

We would like thank Tammy and Michael for taking care of our material in the past, and we appreciate the Mars Hill congregation for volunteering to handle it in the future.  We will likely have to order material again by early to mid summer.  That will be another 10,000 packets at a cost of around $4,000 plus the DVDs we use.  That will furnish 10,000 households with good sound material and contacts for further study.  Please help us purchase this material.

For some years now Sandy’s ankle has been bothering her at times.  Lately it has been giving her a lot of trouble, so we took a couple of days off and drove to the Pacific Ocean.  It was a quick trip but we certainly enjoyed seeing the beauty of God’s creation and it was refreshing to be out of the desert for awhile.  For the last three days of passing out the material, Sandy rode and picked me up when needed; also, trying to keep an eye on me in case something should happen.  She thinks it may be arthritis. Please pray for her.

We still have the mold issue and I am trying not to let it interfere with our work in the north since there is especially such a great need there.  The MH has to go to Red Bay for this work and I am going to try to hold off until October to go to Red Bay (our work will be finished in the north for the summer then).  I know the mold is not good for us but we do not want to leave unless we have too.  Sandy has a say as well, but it does not seem to affect her as it does me.  If Tiffin truly wanted to do what is, in my opinion, right they would give us a new MH from a dealer out here.  We sure did not get what they advertize.  Most everyone I have talked to believes Tiffin should give us what we paid for – a new quality built MH.  So since we will likely have to go back to AL again we hope to find a place to work with around there while they are working on the MH, and near there for the rest of the winter.  So, if you know of a congregation that we may work with during the winter of 2011 in southern AL or MS, etc. please let us know.  I would prefer working with one which is without a preacher for that time so that I may preach as well as door knock. 

We are truly grateful for your prayers and financial support of us.  Please pray for all whom we contact.

In His service,             Perry & Sandy