Church of Christ
Mission USA

Whither we goest, thou goest: by your prayers and financial support

Greetings from the land of the hot and dry: this country is not like back east with the lush, plush green grass (to say the least); here you have mostly graveled yards or just “natural” – sand and rocks, mostly rocks.  But, I have yet to see a “KEEP OFF THE GRAVEL” sign, ha.  Here at Lake Havasu City, AZ most yards are landscaped very nicely and the desert flowers are beautiful.  Lately the temperatures have been in the upper 80s, 90s and even got up to 102 one day with almost no shade.  Yet, one can drive for less than an hour and see snow on the mountains.  The average temperature for summer is 120 and can get up to 130 and beyond.  It has been somewhat rough in getting the material out, but we have passed out almost 2,000 packets of tracts as this is what the church here ordered of their brochures.  So far we have had one person to take the BCC and one couple to visit due to our efforts.

Ever since we came through Texas we have been seeing a lot of quail.  We are parked by the church building in a very nice spot.  Out of our “picture window” (windshield) we have a good view of the mountains just across the Colorado River on the California side and some green grass behind a school.  Each morning we wake up to the cooing of the doves and the quail sounds.  We enjoy seeing these and the rabbits as well.  Twice, at night I have heard coyotes real close (within yards).  Ole Wily has moved into town.

Many snowbirders are here that, hopefully, will take the material back home with them up north; we have seen cars as far away as Alaska and Canada.  We have talked with some of these and encouraged them to take the material with them and visit the church of Christ nearest them.  This is another benefit I foresaw in working in places like this: the material being dispersed in the northern states through the snowbirders.  A lot of northerners have winter homes here.  And like most places anymore, we see several houses abandoned.  

We are now en route to Reserve, NM to door knock there for a small congregation of about 10 and will also be holding a Gospel Meeting there (Wed. through Sun.).  We also will door knock some in Alpine, AZ where the church does not exist and invite them to the meeting.  Right now we are held up in Williams, AZ because of bad weather (snow, rain, fog).  It is now 29 degrees at 11 a.m.  We had a low of 20 and for the next 2 days it is to be down to 17 at night.  We had about 8 inches of snow last night with more in the forecast.  I am ready to go back to Lake Havasu and warmer weather.  We worked harder at Havasu so we could work in the meeting and still be at Custer as soon as possible for the summer’s work.  I hope they have an early spring!

As usual, as we travel from work place to work place we visit some of the churches in between.  Our journey from Havasu to Reserve took us near Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon, so we took a day for each.  We left the MH at Kingman in the church’s parking lot while we drove the car to Hoover Dam.  We are now in Williams, AZ and plan to visit the church here.  We are in a camp ground here and drove the car to Grand Canyon.  Hoover Dam is very impressive, but does not compare with the natural works (and the flood) which God set in order that formed the Grand Canyon.  Surely, this all is but a glimpse of Heaven!  We are thankful we had the opportunity to visit these places for a short while. 

The congregation at Atmore (where we worked last fall) is going to support our work $100 a month.  We greatly appreciate this.  They were very good to us while there and this decision shows more of their appreciation for our work.  We are thankful for every contribution to this work.  Many households have gotten very good and sound material which otherwise may have never reached them.  They have a very good opportunity to learn and obey the truth and so will all the future recipients of the material.  Please consider sending a donation to buy more material for this work.  You who contribute to this work have a very real part in this evangelistic effort and the good that is being done.

We are truly grateful for your prayers and financial support of us.  Please pray for all whom we contact.

In His service,            

Perry & Sandy