Church of Christ
Mission USA

Whither we goest, thou goest: by your prayers and financial support

Greetings from Custer, SD.  We arrived here on April the 29th and plan to work with the congregation (teaching, preaching and door knocking) for the summer.  They have been without a fulltime preacher for about 12 years, but are expecting to get a fulltime preacher this fall.  We had some motorhome trouble a few hours after we left Reserve, NM.  When I would accelerate, the engine would bog down and the check engine light would come on.  We made it to a Cummins repair shop at Albuquerque on Monday but they couldn’t get to us until Thursday.  Even though I didn’t like the delay, I knew we had to have the problem fixed especially with the mountains coming up ahead of us in Colorado.  We drove all day on Friday with a very strong and direct crosswind most of the way which made for some very “hairy” driving.  Winds on top of the highest peaks were to be up to 80 mph. We were very thankful when we pulled in beside of the church building at Custer. It snowed on Saturday and was still windy: we were even gladder to be settled in at Custer.  On Sunday I preached and taught class with 19 present for all three services.  Pray for our work here.

We passed out 286 packets of tracts with ads to the Gospel Meeting at Reserve, NM and surrounding area, some of which was in Alpine, AZ where the church does not exist.  The preacher, Lar Doyle at age 69 helped very well: Sandy drove; Lar and I hit the streets.  The way things were (houses sparse), this arrangement worked out very well.  We ran into one couple who seemed very promising toward a study.  They had already arrived at the truth that we are to partake of the Lord’s Supper every Sunday.  Lar is to follow up on them and another lady who had called after receiving the material.  The first Sunday at Reserve I taught Bible class with seven (all men beside Sandy) of the congregation present and preached with fifteen present for that.  The Gospel meeting went Wednesday through Sunday.  One present asked me about his Baptist baptism.  I, of course, told him the truth and intend to follow up by mail.  He said he had learned a lot from me.  All were very appreciative of us coming there and one couple said that I made it plainer than anyone they had heard and wanted me to make some DVDs and send to them.  They are an older couple who have been in the church for about 6 years.

We are still hearing of results from Lake Havasu.  Another person sent in a BCC making it two people to take the BCC from there.  And a member emailed us in part: “Hi Folks: A bit of good news one of the ladies … got into a conversation with a lady who mentioned getting a package about the church, she displayed a lot of interest and said she might come by and visit.  The program works, it will be important for follow-up work.”  We are glad for this good news and know that many such things may happen which we will never know about in this life.  We do know that it is a very good work and very much needed.  Much more needs to be done. 

We hope to encourage every congregation to do more evangelism.  Many have the attitude that it will not work (concerning whatever good work).  Of course it will not work unless we work it (whatever it may be)!  I have seen such attitudes as this all of my Christian life and have concluded that most of it is just an excuse not to spend money and do any work.  And they try, and often do, persuade others not to do anything.  What a crying shame that others would follow them rather than the Lord.  All the while singing such songs as “I Want To Be A Worker For The Lord,” etc.  Brethren, please remember: if it is a good scriptural work and we do our best at it, we have not failed!  We have successfully carried out God’s will, however, the people do often fail.  Surely, by God’s Word we should know few people will respond favorably to the truth (Matt. 7:13,14, etc.).

With as many houses we go to we never know what we might find.  We came upon one house where a man was found dead just shortly before we got there.  The body was still there and so were the rescue workers.  Lar was on that side of the street.  One never knows what to expect.  In Havasu I was up on a ridgeline working houses cutting through the yards; I noticed a policeman leave his car at the curb and walk up the steep driveway several houses in front of me.  Now, we have been in a lot of situations where we have startled people and I try not to do that!  We have found many dozing in their chairs on their porches; one ready to shoot his high powered rifle (I sure did not want to startle him!); unavoidably, I almost scared one lady out of her skin: When she finally landed and settled down some I thought surely she was going to give me “what for,” but she was very nice about it knowing it was unavoidable. 

I did not want to come up behind the policeman while he was in one of those inset doorways, etc.  As I approached, I saw him at a duplex which was perpendicular to the house I just left.  He was walking back toward his car but was watching the house very intently.  Nevertheless, I thought his peripheral vision would pick me up so I kept on going toward the duplex which my line of travel would intersect him in his line of travel.  As I was coming down an embankment about 15 feet from him I made some noises in the rocks which startled him and he started a “sideways jumping.”  When he settled down he said something “friendly and fitting the occasion.”  And me, not skipping a step, apologized with a chuckle and said “Have a good day.”  I cannot say for certain, but he was probably going for his gun while he was in his “sidewise scuffling!”  They are in a very dangerous occupation and I appreciate them for their service.

We appreciate you all who contribute financially to this work and those who are physically involved in some way in the work.  You have a very real part in this evangelistic effort and the good that is being done.  We know we could not be doing this work without your help.

We are truly grateful for your prayers and financial support of us.  Please pray us and for all whom we contact.

In His Service,    Perry & Sandy