Church of Christ
Mission USA
Whither we goest, thou goest: by your prayers and financial support

      Greetings from Custer, SD.  We have had frequent and quite severe thunderstorms lately with more in the forecast so we haven’t been able to go out as much as we would like to.  As to this date, we have about 2 more days and then we will be finished with the passing out of the material in Custer.  We then
plan to knock on doors and try to set up studies. 

      More good news from Custer: one was baptized into Christ.  He said he got to thinking about his baptism and concluded that it was not right.  He said he was pressured into it and just went along with the preacher.  Well he certainly made the right choice because such is not “obey[ing] from the heart that form of doctrine” (Rom. 6:17).  I am convinced many may be in a similar situation and need to study seriously about baptism – obeying the gospel.  Our souls are too valuable to take any chances whatsoever!  And everyone wanting to please God has an attitude of wanting to do all things right – that is Bible. 

      One teenager from the community visited with us, but is now working at a restaurant which conflicts with our times of services.  She did ask for a personal study and we hope and pray this will come about. We visited with a couple that we made contact with while passing out the material.  We took the DVD to them and plan to visit again soon and hope to set up a study with them.  We have visited some of the members and have studied with one. We hope to study more with her.  Many of them need extra studies, but may not agree to it.  If we could get everyone coming to all services it would greatly help in their growth!  One visitor came from another congregation and talked with me after services about me coming and helping two congregations in his area.  I
told him that maybe we could next year.  We are to go discuss it more with him soon. 

      One thing I have found is that the false teachers are very zealous (Matt. 23:15).  One congregation had a false teacher on marriage, divorce and remarriage come in.  He taught for several days and evidently convinced the entire congregation to follow his error.  Now, people who could not be married suddenly can with the twisting and perverting of the Scriptures!  And whole congregations fall for it, including the watchers of the souls and those who proclaim God’s Word.  Brethren, we need to be more zealous for truth than they are for error, but many fall to their efforts of intimidation and drawback, not taking a stand.  Let us not do so!

      The brother who gave me his book, which is filled with error, has done as every false teacher has done which I have dealt with: Not state his position plainly; evaded answering questions; misrepresented me (they do that with God’s Word and they certainly have no qualms about misusing human words); instead of dealing with the arguments, Scriptures and questions presented they spend most of their time on vicious attacks (Matt. 10:25).  Oh, by the way, these people all claim to have a superior love!  Low and behold, his wife emailed me and said “I will be seeking my attorney's advice.” There is no tactic some of these people will not stoop to in order to hold to and promote error (John 8:33ff, etc.).  We, as Christians, have the God given responsibility to refute the error and promote the truth (Eph. 5:11; 1 John 4:1; Rom. 16:17, etc.). 

      Joel Blanding, who teaches that one does not have to make restitution, agreed to a written debate, but then weaseled out with much lying and ungodliness in the process.  He holds to this unrighteous position in order to try to justify his error on marriage, divorce and remarriage as does Ivy Conner.  Ivy said he would answer me many times, but did not answer very many things at all.  Ivy is writing a book on MDR and has promised me a copy of it.  We will see about that one too (if a man will lie about one thing he will lie about almost anything), as he knows I will refute what I have time to refute of it.

      We greatly appreciate all who are involved in our work.  Without your help, we could not be here.  Please keep us and the work in your prayers both privately and as a congregation.

In His Service,    

Perry & Sandy

June’s totals: 68 miles; 3 dvds; 676 pks; 2 refused material; 678 drs