Church of Christ
Mission USA

Whither we goest, thou goest: by your prayers and financial support

      Greetings from Custer, SD.  One very important note before we get into the report: Sandy’s sister, Joyce, has very aggressive cancer and has had surgery.  They were unable to get all of the cancer.  She will have to have radiation and chemotherapy.  Please pray for her.  

      We have passed out all the material (about 1,000 packets total) which covered the town well and even into some remote areas.  Now we are going back over the area door knocking (now that they have had time to read the material).  Few come to the door or are at home.  We invite the people to our services and try to sign them up for BCCs.  So far we have signed up 5 for the BCC.  I asked the congregation if any would like to get involved in taking care of the BCCs.  One member volunteered, so we went over how we used to handle them with him.  I hope and believe more will get involved as it gets going.  I will encourage the church here to advertise, promote the BCCs and continue with the door knocking.  This could be a good start for them if they will continue with it.  I hope the coming preacher will help to continue in what we have started.  I will encourage him and the members to pick up where we left off.  As usual, I will leave our work map showing the area we worked.  In this case, we will have 2 maps: the one map where we hung the material and the second map where we started back over the same area door knocking. 

      One sent in my BCC and only answered about half the questions.  I think he must be a preacher and the questions he did not answer must have convicted him of his errors.  He sent me a booklet.  So far I have not received lesson 2 back from him.  I met and gave the material to a Catholic “priest.”  He wrote to me and asked to correspondence with me so I sent him a short study on the church to get the study going.  He also has not responded yet.  One couple has visited our services from our efforts and several have shown interest.  We have laid a good foundation for the young preaching couple coming to work with the congregation.  The seed has been sown.  This is the first door knocking that has been done here for 20 plus years.  And they have not had a full time preacher for 12 years.  Again, I pray that things will go well with the church and the young preacher coming.  There are many things that need to be dealt with here and the church strengthened.  I brought good sound basic lessons while here, but much more needs to be brought.  It has been a very busy summer.

      We are planning to leave here around the 22nd of August and taking a few days off for sightseeing while we are in this part of the world.  On the way, we want to make contact with a couple we met in the work who has since been contributing some to the work.  We have two other contacts to make concerning future work.  Fortunately, all of these contacts are very close to our route of travel.  

      We greatly appreciate all who are involved in our work.  Without your help, we could not be here.  Please keep us and the work in your prayers both privately and as a congregation. 

In His Service,    
Perry & Sandy
July’s totals: 33 miles; 0 dvds; 161 pks; 4 refused material; 165 drsStarted second coverage (knocking) on  7-26:                 
                         9 miles; 10 dvds;  3 pks;  4 refused material; 58 drs{had a lot of rain and storms in July}