Church of Christ
Mission USA

Whither we goest, thou goest: by your prayers and financial support

   Greetings from Perryville, MO.  We had planned to work in this area a year ago but was hindered because of the sickness and death of my mother which prompted us to go to Virginia.  Because of that we chose a closer work which turned out to be in Atmore, Al.  We had been looking at several small congregations, but learned that they had already closed their doors.  We are so thankful we found and worked with the church at Atmore.  They have been such a great encouragement and blessing to us. 

   We left Custer, SD on the 22nd of August and took a few days off to go to Yellowstone and then dropped down to see some of the Rocky Mountains in CO.  We visited with four congregations and met with another one (non-service time) which consisted of a husband, wife and daughter.  They do meet in a church building and are striving to keep the doors open.  There are so many places like this.  We are considering going there next year even though we have another work in mind.  We will see how things work out and try to make the best decision that we can.

   We covered the town of Custer and some outskirts very well with the material (first round).  We started back over the town door knocking with the main focus of signing people up for the BCCs.  We signed up 8 for the BCCs at Custer and Darrell Dutoit, a member there, is taking care of those.  We encouraged the church to continue covering the town.  In our second round we covered roughly a third of the area.  The result: about 31% came to the door and almost 10% signed up for the BCCs.  Well, that sounds like a lot of work for such a few to take the BCC and it is, but people do more than that to sell vacuum cleaners, etc.  I believe a soul is a little more valuable than a vacuum cleaner! 
   Instead of doing such works, we (the church) could just do like a lot of congregations and focus on pleasing the people (it seems that not too many think of learning and applying Bible principles and of pleasing God anymore).  One congregation we visited with on a Wednesday night said they were “very laid back.” 
We thought that to be an exaggerated understatement!  Their hour of meeting consisted of 30 some minutes of eating; a few jazzed up songs; some were in shorts; at least one was in short shorts (we could not see most because their legs were under the eating tables); the reading of a few Scriptures (some kept on eating and drinking during this) and a prayer.  Such pleases the people, but shows a dearth of spirituality and Bible knowledge!  One of our greatest fears is becoming to be
what we will find as we drop in on various congregations.  There needs to be a great revival in the church and those not sound should be marked (Rom. 16:17).

   We have met some interesting people in door knocking.  Here are a few: I told you about the army sniper we met in MN, but I did not tell you of one we met who was at Pearl Harbor during the attack.  We did not talk with him about it because it was upsetting to him, but a friend of his told us of some things of which he had spoken.  At Custer we met a machine gunner that was on Doo Little’s plane, he is almost 100 years old.  But again we did not speak with him much.

   We greatly appreciate all who are involved in our work.  Without your help, we could not be here and do the work we are doing.  Please keep us and the work in your prayers both privately and as a congregation.

     August’s totals: 46 miles; 8 bcc; 13 dvds; 5 pks; 215 drs  (While at Custer each week I preached twice and taught class twice a week; we left Custer on the 22nd).  We have ordered 19,400 tracts (4 different tracts) at a cost of 6 cents each; 2,800 GM tracts and 1,000 bags.  This will bring our supplies about even.  The cost is around $1,295.  

In His Service,   
Perry & Sandy