Church of Christ
Mission USA
Perry and Sandy Sexton
      We sold our house and most of our personal possessions in order to buy the motorhome (MH) for this work.  We have lived in the MH since 4-10-08.  Please see our work plan on the "Home" page for further explanation.   Home 

      I left full-time preaching (4-2-2010) in order to go into this work (MUSA) full-time.
Resume of 2008:

Perry Sexton                               

Born: July 30, 1952  

       I married Sandy Bryant October 5, 1973.  We both obeyed the gospel in 1974.  She is a faithful helpmeet in the work of the Lord.  She has taught children's Bible classes, had personal studies with women, assisted in home Bible studies, taken care of our BCC students, proofed many articles, prepared the material for this present work, etc.  We have two daughters: Tammy married Michael Knox of Stanton, Ky.; Amantha married Peter Ray Cole of Fairmont, W.Va.  Both son-in-laws are gospel preachers.                                                                                                     

       I first thought of this mission work while at the Memphis School of Preaching, but at that time I did not have the experience, but now I am prepared for this work having preached full-time since 1987.  I decided to start preaching in order to help out small congregations and I have always preached for small congregations and have evangelized in adjacent towns without the church.  The work has been hard in many cases and has helped to prepare us mentally to "Go" into this work. 


I.   Training:

   A.  Religious:

         1. Attended Memphis School of Preaching from 1986-1988 (2 full years).

         2. Went on 3 door knocking campaigns while at MSOP and many other door knocking campaigns in local work.

         3. Experienced in personal Bible studies.

         4. Attended personal work classes, etc.

   B.   Secular:

         1. U.S. Army 82nd Airborne, property book clerk (1971-1974).

         2. Studied at Surry Community College, NC for residential construction (1974-1976).

         3. Had my own residential building & repair business (1976-1986).

         4. This gave me much experience in dealing with people.
II.   Preaching experience:
   A.  I have been preaching since Sept. 1986.
   B.  I decided to start preaching in order to help small congregations and to help spread the gospel to areas were it has not been, at least for many years.  This I have done.

   C.  I have endured the discouragements of small numbers, etc.

   D.  I feel I am prepared to go into this much needed mission work.

   E.  I have some experience in taped radio work (ca. 2 years).

   F.  I have written short monthly articles addressed to the non-Christian in the newspaper (7+ years).

   G. After that I wrote monthly articles addressed to the non-Christian in the Good News (7 years).
   H. Since then I have been writing monthly articles for the two bulletins on this website.

III.   Notes:

   A.  The Lord said "Go," we are willing to "Go," but we need your help in "sending" us.

   B.  Please feel free to contact me concerning this work with any questions or suggestions for improvement you may have.  We want to do all things according to God's will and for His glory.