Church of Christ
Mission USA
Atmore Church of Christ
401 S. Presley Street
Atmore, Alabama 36502

December 15, 2010

This letter is one of great appreciation to Brother Sexton and his wife Sister Sandra Sexton.  They have worshipped with Atmore congregation for the past two and one-half months while conducting door-to-door mission work in Atmore.  They have visited approximately 2,000 homes in Atmore, leaving packets of information about the church, the plan of salvation, and a DVD about the gospel.  They have worked diligently and faithfully.  They have been an encouragement to every member of the Lord's church in Atmore.  They leave us with a true "God's speed."  We wish them well in their continued work for the Lord and his church.  We commend them to the care of the Lord and wish them long lives and much success.  Should any congregation wish to inquire about the Sexton's and their work, please contact the Atmore Church of Christ at the above address or email

With best Christian regards,

{ his signature}

Norman E. Newberry

Minister, Atmore Church of Christ
Fairmont, MN 2010  Letter from preacher at Estherville, IA
Shenandoah, VA 2009  Note from one coverted in Shenandoah while door knocking.