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   Free Bible Correspondence Courses      BCC: Bible Correspondence Course that can be copied and used by churches and individual Christians

BCC that may be copied in its entirety and used

Bible Study: Based directly on the Bible.

The pattern of these lessons: Scriptural references are given whereby you can know God’s answer to the questions asked under each verse(s).  In this manner you can know God’s answer to those questions.  And upon completion of this course you can know exactly what God requires of you for eternal salvation.  Please study the Scriptures cited in their context and answer the questions given for the verses.  We make some comments on some verses.

Individual Christians and congregations may copy these lessons and write in the appropriate address for the student to return the lessons to them for review.  If you have any questions or comments please email me at  We are sorry, but we are unable to send any funds to assist you in printing the lessons.  If you intend to use the lessons we would appreciate knowing about it and any suggestions you may have.  
Brethren, we pray God will bless you in your efforts to reach the lost.
In Christ,
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