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Hurt 8 Lesson Course
      There is much error, division, and confusion in the religious
world today (cp. 1 Cor. 1:10-13; 1 John 4:1).  But you can know
the saving truth by studying the Word of God (John 8:31, 32). 
These courses will help you study. 
      We offer several studies by mail.  Send for your first lesson today.  When it arrives simply read and study the material and answer the questions (looking back over the lesson in order to find the correct answer).  Send the lesson or just the question and answer page back to us for grading in the envelope provided.  If you have any questions you may submit them along with your lesson to be graded.  In a few days you will receive it back along with the next lesson.  It is just that simple and a great way to study the Bible.  
The following BCC can be taken by email or U.S. Mail
Salvation / Church Study
Every Denominational Person Should Take This
Course: A Study Concerning Salvation


      This free Bible Correspondence Course is a study that every denominational person should take.  It is indeed an eye opener to many errors taught in the denominations, especially concerning salvation.  You can know you have God's Word to these questions whenever you answer truthfully what the verses are teaching.  It is a simple format: verses are given and questions asked based on those verses. 
     Click hereLes.1PreliminaryQuestionsSalvation.pdf to view lesson 1 of this series.  You may print it and answer the questions and mail it in for your next free lesson by mail or send your numbered answers by email and I will send you your next lesson by email. 
Send for the above free Bible Correspondence Courses (BCCs) today
  • Hurt 8 Lesson Course
  • Salvation / Church Study (verses with questions)
  • Or send for both
Email us and write BCC in the subject line and tell us which course you would like to receive:

Also, we offer free of charge this excellent DVD in English or Spanish
   About The Creator (28 min.)
   About Authority (43 min.)
   About The Church (40 min.)
   About The House of God (44 min.)
   About Baptism / Salvation (55 min.) 
Other Studies (We offer these following sites for your further study and believe them to be sound, however it is not practical for us to review everything they offer.  We encourage you to check all things out carefully by your own Bible (Acts 17:11; 1 Thess. 5:21), including what we post.  
Truth for the World internet radio: (Sermons 24 hrs., with live broadcasts through the week on various Bible subjects). Also for 24 hours of Bible lessons.  Write for a FREE correspondence course:
Truth for the World
P.O. Box 5048
Duluth, GA 30096-0065. 
Or e-mail:  See many other options at  {Spanish:}
Apologetics Press at  Valuable studies and information about the existence of God, etc.
SEEK THE OLD PATHS:  Live videos; radio; articles, and Bible studies, many subjects, etc.
World Video Bible School at  Many studies offered.
TV Programs:

Gospel Broadcast Network: See website for available TV viewings; live broadcasts; Spanish and Chinese materials available. 


God bless you in your sincere and honest study of His word.  If we may assist you, please let us know.