Church of Christ
Mission USA

Well, actually, we are not on the road that much.
We are mainly on the road moving to new work areas.

Here is a brief history of Perry & Sandy's "on the road" and "off the road" experiences. 

We do not always do a "Journal" because of space on our printed bulletin.

We have ceased doing a journal here, but may put our experiences into a book. 
2010, 12 Jrnl  On The Road With Mold
2010, 8 Jrnl  The Last ...  (The Passing Of My Mother)
2010, 7 Jrnl  10,000 Zillion Mosquitoes; Fast Doctors
2010, 6 Jrnl  Some Firsts, Including Going Through A Band Of Tornadoes
2010, 5 Jrnl  Hypocrites; Encounter With A Sniper; The Wave-Off; Paid In Candy; The Challenge
2010, 4 Jrnl  Journey From Shenandoah, VA To Fairmont, MN (visiting as many supporters as possible)
2010, 3 Jrnl  The Lighter Side Of Sad Goodbyes
2010, 2 Jrnl  Snow And More Snow & Cramped Quarters & Wrong Bread
2010, 1 Jrnl  Copperheads, Yellow Jackets, Deception
2009, 12 Jrnl  A Very Fine and Pleasant Misery & Cold Cash
 2009, 11 Jrnl  Anxious to See Our Girls And Grand-Girls & One Benefit of Living in an RV
 2009, 10 Jrnl  Sold House & Moved to Termite Country & Weather Slowing Door Knocking
 2009, 9 Jrnl  Still Need to Lighten the Load & Used to Being Without
 2009, 8 Jrnl  Knocked On Door, Greeted By Hornets!
 2009, 7 Jrnl  Porches & Rattlesnakes
 2009, 6 Jrnl  Threatening Dogs & Pocketbook & Doorbells
 2009, 5 Jrnl  Trip To PA & The Ups And Downs of Door Knocking, but you may save a soul!
 2009, 4 Jrnl  Black Bear Cub up a Tree (And Momma Bear in the Garbage Can)
 2009, 3 Jrnl  Heimlich Maneuver: You may save a life!
 2009, 2 Jrnl  Corrected Driver's License
 2009, 1 Jrnl  Texas Driver's License Mix-up
 2008, 12 Jrnl  Trip to Texas & Trouble on the Road