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Door Knocking In Towns Without The Church & Assisting Small Congregations
           We do not charge for our services, but donations are welcome IF a congregation is able to make one, but a donation is not necessary.  Thoughtful and evangelistic minded congregations and individuals support this work (Phil. 4:17).  They have a very real part in our evangelistic efforts.  We appreciate all contributions.  Each packet of material cost about 50 - 60 cents.  The DVD cost one dollar each.
  • Door knocking in towns that are without the church.
  • Working with small congregations. 
  •        Door knocking their area.
  •        Holding gospel meetings.
  •        Teaching and preaching as needed while there door knocking.
         When we work in towns that are without the church, we worship with the nearest congregation and also invite the people to their services.  If you know of a town without the church, please let us know and we will consider the possibilities.
         If you may be interested in our help please contact us. 

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WhatWeDoToPotentialCongregations.pdf  {What We Do: Letter To Potential Congregations With Which To Work}