Church of Christ
Mission USA
To believers in Christ,

The day Perry and Sandy Sexton came knocking on my door, I was not ready for company. My daughter, Holly, told me not to answer because they were probably selling something. I went to the door anyway and I'm glad that I did. We talked for a few minutes and set up a Bible study for the next afternoon. They gave me their door knocking packet, the Truth DVD and promised to be back the next day. Some wasps were flying around. We had disturbed their flight to the nest located on a light next to the door. Perry graciously told me he would bring some bee killer with him the next day.

After watching the DVD and having a couple Bible studies, I decided to visit their congregation. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel welcome. I was very impressed with the knowledge of the Bible that was taught. This is what I had been looking for. I thank God everyday for leading Perry and Sandy my way and for teaching me the truth. If it had not been for their dedication. I would still be lost in my sins, "thinking" I was saved as the Baptist Church teaches.

                                     Your sister in Christ
                                     Mildred Knight

I could not resist adding this part of a very touching and kind letter from James Meadows:
"I have said this before but I’ll say it again with great honor, love and respect and thankful heart.  My darling wife and soul mate is now in Heaven due to your, Perry’s, effort here in this area preaching the gospel truth leading her to repentance and baptism."
I appreciate all words, notes, cards, and letters of encouragement even though they are not listed here.  Such has surely helped me to stay the course of preaching and teaching.  Knowing you have helped some to come to the knowledge of the truth and obey the gospel and remain faithful till death is just a part of the rewards on earth of being a faithful gospel preacher; along with the persecutions from the enemies of truth (cp. Mark10:29,30).
A very special thank you to Bill Crossno for all of his assistance and encouragement since the beginning of my full time preaching (1988).  What motivation to know that someone is praying for you everyday.  Thank you Bill. 
Fairmont, MN 2010  Letter from preacher at Estherville, IA.
Atmore, AL 2010  Letter from preacher at Atmore, AL.